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Saturday, June 14, 2014

El Monte Week 3

So!!! MANNY GOT BAPTIZED!!! And Alma!!  I didn;t know both of them
were getting baptized, but I knew manny was and so we went over to
Chino for Mannys baptism and Alma was getting baptized too. It was
awesome. I have never been to a baptism quite like it. Manny was like
sobbing extremely loud the whole time, and then like shouting the
songs. He said, that he just finally made the decision and that after
doing that he had no doubt that this is the right decision. They had
two people baptize him, it was awesome!

I am using this cool bluetooth keyboard thing right now that my
companion let me borrow. That way I am typing on a keyboard thats not
connected by any cords or anything and it is going onto my ipad.
Pretty cool. A lot of missionaries have these now. Oh also, I am
emailing today because we had to switch our pday to today.

WELL, El Monte is ROCKIN!!!! I really love this place. The ward is
awesome. And there are four sets of missionaries here and they are all
super good missionaries so there is a baptism almost every week. It is

Here is one cool story. I don't think I told it in last weeks email
though I may have.... On like my first day here we were super
determined to talk to EVERYONE. And we were. And so anyways we were on
our way to visit this other person and there was a lady inside a car
cleaning it out, but since we were super determined we stuck our heads
in and started talking to her. Well anyways, she then came out and
said we could share a message with her. Her name is Leti. There wasn't
anywhere to sit, so we just shared the restoration standing out there
with her. At the end she told us that that morning she had prayed to
God and asked for a change, and so she believed everything we had said
because she knew we were the answer to her prayer. The only annoying
thing is we have only been able to see her one time since. She is
young, like in her 20s, and recently came here from Guatemala.

We have had some other pretty powerful restoration lessons in the past
week. Its amazing how you can see the spirit just work in people.
Because no person in their right mind, after having only known these
two white girls for twenty minutes, would accept to get baptized into
some unknown church, but almost everyone on the first lesson does,
even if they don't really know what they are agreeing to yet. The
restoration is such a cool message, because really the message of it
is that God loves you, today. Whereas, no other church really has that
message. God sends prophets today, because he still loves you; God
restored the authority to become wiped clean of our sins through
baptism because he loves you. It is really quite cool. And while a lot
of the times doubts or things they hear or laziness gets in the way of
them actually receiving those blessings, almost everyone who has been
taught acknowledges that it sounds really really good, they just dont
know if it is true. BUT IT IS!!! BECAUSE GOD STILL LOVES US TODAY!!!!!
what a cool thing...

Oh, also, maybe if sometime you could send me some good vitamins that
would be nice. I think I need some because I almost always feel kind
of sick for most of my mission. Part of that is sleep deprivation but
I think vitamins might help. THanks!

Hermana Bardsley

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