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Sunday, April 27, 2014

El Monte week 1!

Okay...... EL MONTE IS ROCKIN!!!!!!!!! There are so many people here
to talk to. We have this problem where we are late to every single
appointment because there are so many people to talk to. But what a
good problem to have!!!! We are having a ton of fun. And all the
missionaries here are like fantastic. There are 4 sets of missionaries
in the ward, and between all of them there is a baptism almost every
week. Man. This place is like a Spanish missionaries dream. And my
companion is awesome. Like, I used to pride myself in how much I
street contacted, but she gives me a run for my money! It is awesome!
We street contact like 30 people a day. There weren't even 30 people
outside in the entire city of chino, so this is like HEAVEN for me. I
love it. Finding people to teach is my favorite part of missionary

ALSO I hope you have all had the chance to see the Easter video
Because of Him. If you haven't, go YouTube it right now. It is only
like three minutes long and super powerful. And then post it on your
face books. They asked us to ask all the members to post it.

Besides that this week was a little rough because we both got really
sick. And I resprained my ankle playing soccer. Speaking of that. When
I lost my wallet in October I lost my insurance cards. I think I need
to go to the doctor for my ankle. It would be awesome if you guys
could send me at least a new regence insurance card. We probably got
the whole city of El Monte sick because we were contacting so much
super sick. It was this super bad sore throat mainly.

Also, hermana Stohlton texted me the other day to say that next Sunday
manny is for sure getting baptized. So pray for him!!

Tell grandma April and grandpa it was good to hear from them and they
can email me anytime they want!

Well, I think that's all for this week!

Have a good one!

Hermana bardsley

[and in response to a separate conversation, Marie had this to say about a Book of Mormon prophet, who left a city and then came back in disguise because his life had been threatened]:

I love that part when abinadi disguises himself because one of the first things he says to them is... "Voila! It's me! Abinadi! I bet you didn't recognize me under this fake beard, but now you do... And I'm here because you still haven't repented!" It's just a face palm moment... Come on abinadi the whole point of a disguise you just kind of... Did you really do that...

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