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Thursday, June 26, 2014

El Monte week 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, this week was pretty fabulous!! Yeni, Eduardo, and dulce and are
getting baptized this Sunday so pray for them! We taught them all
about temples on Saturday and we are planning a temple trip with all
of them to go do baptisms next month, after they get baptized and get
their member record number and stuff. We are also starting them on
family history so that they can bring their own names. That is super
exciting. They will love that. The temple is so cool. So cool how
there is a way to save the entire human family. Sounds like the truth
to me.

Also, this Sunday was stake conference. We got the roldans to go even
though it was like half hour away. I love seeing the little changes in
people. Hna roldan has been going in just her regular clothes for the
last two weeks but this week she bought a dress for church. Natalie
was super excited to show us her moms dress. Stake conference was
pretty funny though because when we got there, none of the chairs put
out were taken but all the soft benches were except the very front
row. And well, you never want an investigator to sit in the back
because then they feel like they are not actually part of the
congregation but just visiting. So we brought her and her four insane
children to the very front row. We were prepared and brought a ton of
coloring stuff and some puzzles and fruit loops. So the kids proceeded
to lay on the ground occupying pretty much the whole aisle way and the
space from the first pew to the stand with their coloring stuff.
Everyone who wanted to walk by had to step over them it was quite the
scene haha. But the kids were actually pretty good! They didn't make
too much of a fruit loop mess at all! And stake conference was
awesome. A lot of husbands and wives spoke like the temple president
and his wife and president becerra and his wife and I think it really
impacted Hna roldan to see that this gospel really does bring that
happiness to a family and to a partnership. Also we gave them a
baptismal date for July 13th. Super exciting!!!!! Families are the
best. The husband just needs to jump on board and go to church and

Well, the gospel is true. I know it. And the Book of Mormon is true,
it changes lives. It is the best book ever. It brings us closer to
Jesus Christ than any other book. And families really can be together
forever if we perform those sacred ordinances in the temple.

Keep being awesome!!!!

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