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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Sooooooooo guess what?!

I am training [a new missionary]!!!! Yep. I get the new missionary tomorrow. I am super
excited. I have always wanted to train my whole mission.

As for this week, it was pretty awesome. We taught a big family last
night for the first time of like seven people. It was the grandma,
grandpa, daughter, her husband, and then their three kids. The spirit
was super strong. They were all just like captivated the whole lesson.
It really seemed to hit them how much this gospel can bless their
family. They are the Salvador family.

But guess what? Yesterday there was a farewell for the missionaries
leaving and guess who came and sang? David archuleta. Whhhhhhaaaaat?
But I didn't get to go because I was teaching that family. So jealous.
A sister who was there just showed me a picture. Not fair. Oh well. I
guess if it's really meant to be I will meet my husband on another

And I do think the vitamins are helping. I feel somewhat more energy I
think. It's hard to say .

I can't really think of anything else to say.... I haven't tAken my
pday nap yet so my brains not really working. Maybe I will send more
stuff later if I think about it.


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