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Saturday, June 14, 2014

El Monte week 7!!!!!!!!!!!

So this first week of training was AWESOME. My trainee, hermana
Bateman is really really a good missionary. When we teach in English i
would have no idea that she just came into the mission a week ago. She
teaches very well. Spanish is another matter. But she's coming along.
It's weird because I've yet to have a companion who doesn't speak
Spanish, and since I grew up speaking it I don't really know how to
teach it to her. On a side note, All the Latinos call her Hna batman.
Pretty cool. Batman is my companion.

Sooooooooo the most exciting news this week is this! The family that
we had been teaching, the roldan family.... Came to church! And on
time too! I don't think I had mentioned how hard we had tried to get
this family to church in the past. We had done pretty much everything
in our power. One week we even went to their house, got all their kids
ready, and made them pancakes for breakfast and they still didn't
come. So this was a huuuuge miracle. And it went AWESOME. She got
fellowshipped super well. Sometimes investigators kind of go unnoticed
and that's why no one says hi or introduces themselves, but since she
has four little kids, who are... Well... Quite energetic... And
definitely not used to sitting through sacrament meeting. She
DEFINITELY didn't go unnoticed. Which was good, because then
afterwards everyone came up and started talking to her telling her
their stories about the crazy things their kids used to do in
sacrament meeting so not to worry, I don't know if they were planning
to stay all three hours, but one person took her kids to primary whole
the mom was talking, so then they did. It was perfect. The husband
didn't come though which was a bummer. Next week. A family even
invited them over for a family home evening tonight as well, hopefully
he will go to that.

Kids are awesome, there are so many families we teach that the little
kids are the motivating factor for the parents. The little kids read
the Book of Mormon everyday and are the ones who want to go to church.
They can feel the difference and the spirit right away, while adults
are so stubborn oftentimes. Like with the roldans, the eight year old
girl Natalie, was the one who in our last lesson with them committed
her parents to go to church. She was like "before we say the last
prayer I need you guys (to her parents) to promise me that you will go
to church this Sunday because you said you would for the last two and
you didn't, so promise me right now". We just sat there like..... Wow.
Who needs missionaries, we all just need Natalie. If all parents knew
how much the gospel would bless their family and their kids, I feel
like they'd just jump in the waters of baptism right away.

Sad I missed the pbd [Pacific Ballroom Dance] concert, but I'll be there for the next one!
Today I was getting my hair cut and the Mexican version of dancing
with the stars was on. Needless to say, it was very difficult to not
let my eyes wander.

On another note, I've been coming across a lot of prophecies in the
scriptures lately about the hastening of the work. All the stuff about
when god sends everybody out right before the end to gather fruit and
stuff. And there's some stuff in Isaiah that talks about it as well.
Crazy, to think this is it. This is the hastening of the work of
salvation. The last call before the end. And all of us are those
workers in the vineyard in the last push who need to help others find
salvation. Some apostle said that the hastening of the work is up
there with the restoration of the gospel and other huge events in the
history of the gospel in importance. And we are part of it. Now is the
time when we do everything we can to help everyone come unto Christ
and receive the ordinances of salvation!

Hermana bardsley

Ps to answer your question mom we don't have senior or junior
companions in our mission, just companions. I've had companions that
I've been out for longer than before, but there's no distinction.

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