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Saturday, June 14, 2014

El Monte Week 5

So, we are teaching like pretty much all youth. Which is pretty cool.
At first I was worried because it is harder for like a 15 year old
girl who gets baptized by herself to really stay active in the church,
but god has been sending us like these STELLAR youth. I think it is
because we have been taking the young women out with us a lot, so god
is sending us the people to teach that will benefit the most from

One girl, Sandra Torres, is 16 years old and we knocked into her one
day looking for somebody else. Well, she invited us in, and MAN this
is where we were supposed to be. She told us how for a long time she
hadn't believed in god, but just recently all these things have
happened that are just like super blatantly god trying to get her
back. Well, she is like devouring the Book of Mormon now and she gives
her friends at school our pamphlets and invites them to the lessons.

There's another girl named yeni, who came to church on Sunday, and
then she set up her own ride with a member for mutual on Tuesday. We
were like... Well... That makes our job easier.

It's amazing how young people in a lot of cases haven't hardened their
hearts yet. They listen to the spirit. They feel good with us and at
church and so they actually follow that instead of making up excuses.

Here's a funny story. We are teaching a family, the roldan family. And
they are Easter and Christmas Catholics. If you get what I mean. It is
the mom, dad, then 4 little kids 8 and below. We were in a lesson with
them and the spirit just announced to me in my head that we had found
them because she had been praying for help for her family. So I asked
and when she said yea, I testified to her that that is why we ran into
them and god sent us there. So anyways, that was like Tuesday, Sunday
morning before church we went over to their house to get them all
ready. Which was quite a task by the way. We even made them pancakes.
Well, the mom decided she was going to be stubborn. She was like "I
don't feel comfortable going because we are catholic and all my family
is catholic and I feel like I'm betraying them". And we were like,
"you asked god for help, and he sent it, so are you going to open the
door to god knocking or not?" And she was like.... "I know I asked for
help... " and she got this really embarrassed look on her face and
then said... "I just wasn't thinking god would send me the Mormons..."
Hahaha! Sucks! Except actually it rocks because it can help her family
more than anything else.

Well! That's all! The gospel is true. Christ lived and died for us!
And because of him our lives can be filled with peace and joy!

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