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Saturday, June 14, 2014

El Monte week 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In case you are wondering. I have only been out on my mission 11
months still. Or that is what I tell people. My companion got confused
once, she was like.... "Wait but didn't you say you came out in June?"
LIES. I WILL NOT LISTEN TO SUCH BLASPHEMY. 11 months.... I have been
out 11 months. I also never turned 20 because I went to Neverland. I
am still 19 and always will be. The end.

So this week was ROCKIN!!! Wow. I have typed that word so many times
all in caps that when I typed it just now in lower case the ipad
automatically changed it to caps. Must mean its been a good 11 months.
We had 7 investigators at church on Sunday. The roldan family came
again, only the dad still didn't come.... But! In our lesson with then
on Saturday night he said something pretty cool. We asked them at the
end who they know that could use more of god's love in their life. And
he brought up his mother in law. His wife, Sandra, was like "no I
don't think she'd be interested in changing religions at this point in
her life". And then he said, "well the Catholics never did anything
for us. The Catholics don't come and make us breakfast before church
or give us a call to wake us up, or visit our family. So what's the
problem?" I want to say really quickly that I do know some fantastic
Catholics who do a ton of stuff to help. But it's true that this
church, Christs church, is action oriented. And really, love oriented,
that's what drives the members and the missionaries to action.
Sometimes, the result we want may not happen, like he still didn't
make it to church, which we know would help his family more than
anything we do, but it's still cool that he recognizes that love, and
that even though he isn't acting yet that he wants other people to be
able to have that love. But pray for him that he can start doing...
Well... Something. So that he doesn't stop the whole family's

Also, this is a cool story. A couple days ago we got a phone call from
some guy named genaro who gave us his address and said he wanted to be
taught. We thought it was a little weird because we didn't remember
meeting any genaro lately so we weren't sure if it was going to be
sketchy. Especially because he called us like several times. Well,
anyways, we made an appointment, and brought a member and went, and
then he called us right when we got to his house and asked us if we
could meet him in a parking lot outside a certain laundromat instead.
We were like..... Okay...... Hmm.... But since we had a member we
went. Well we got there and he was out there waiting for us but I
didn't really recognize him at all. But he was like "don't you
remember me?" And I was like "uhhh yea.... Of course, remind me where
we met though?" And he gave me the street name and then I remembered.
We are supposed to talk to ten people at least everyday on the street.
One night at like 9pm right before going home we still hadn't met the
ten. Well there was this sketchy group of people on the side of the
road, on a pretty sketchy street, some of them ere drinking or
whatnot, but they didn't seem dangerous, there were women with them
too, so we talked to them really quickly and gave them cards with our
phone number just to meet the ten contacts. That was like 3 weeks ago.
Well anyways, this guy, was one of them and turned out to be awesome.
He started out by telling us straight up all the things he wants to
change in his life that he thinks we can help him with. And then when
we were teaching the restoration when we got to apostasy he was like
"but wait, there needs to be a direct lineage of authority from Jesus
Christ so what happened to bring that back?" Made it really easy to
transition into the restoration of Christs authority.

Well, that is all, have a good week. The gospel is true. It changes
lives and is the true way to feel gods love.

Hermana bardsley

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