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Thursday, June 26, 2014

El Monte week # FANFREAKINTASTIC!!!!

Wow! What a week. Yeni, Eduardo and Dulce all got baptized yesterday.
Eduardo popped up and hollered and spit water everywhere. It was
pretty great. And the best part was they all gave their testimonies
afterwards and talked about how good and clean they all felt and about
how glad they were tthat they made this decision. The cleansing power
of Christs atonement is incredible. It is so cool that he gives us
that opportunity to start completely fresh. Mom, could you send me
your conversion story? I was thinking that would be cool to give to
yeni, because she is also a 13 year old girl who is now the only
member in her family. Her family is supportive but still it won't be
an easy road.

Also!!!! It is official, Aaron Bardsley comes into California in two
weeks. I saw his picture in the office where they put the pictures of
all the new missionaries coming in next transfer. That was pretty
cool. I showed everybody. President Becerra was like, "I saw that...
Good thing I'm leaving, one Bardsley was enough" haha.

So yesterday was like SUPER intense but awesome. So we had the three
baptisms which was crazy in itself. And then we were at home finishing
our studies. And I was feeling this impending need to find new people
to teach because we hadn't found any solid ones yet that week because
we had had a ton of meetings and also preparing for the baptisms. And
I don't know if I ever mentioned, but finding new people to teach is
my favorite part of missionary work. Baptisms are great, but what I
love most is teaching an awesome first lesson where they pray at the
end and ask if Joseph smith was a prophet or if Christ's authority
really was restored or something like that and helping them recognize
the Holy Ghost answering their prayer for the first time in their
life. So anyways, we hadn't done that at all in the week so I was
feeling this great inner need. And it was about 4:30, and normally at
that time we would just eat dinner, and then take our car because we
have a car to use at night since we are in a dangerous area. But I
just really wanted to take our bikes and go try to see this one person
we had talked to on the bus. So we did, and she wasn't there. But on
the way back, there was this huge family sitting outside so we got off
our bikes and talked to them. They invited us to teach them on the
spot, so we did and it was AWESOME. The dad like really got it. At the
end he accepted to be baptized, and then when his wife said that she
had already been baptized he was the one who cut in and was like "well
what they are saying is that Christ's authority was lost from the earth
after the apostles died and that it has been brought back through a
prophet, so your old baptism doesn't count". We were just like.....
What the....who is this guy... We asked him if he had been taught by
missionaries before and he said no. I guess he is just extremely
intelligent. But yea, because we rode our bikes we ended up getting 8
new investigators. And they are awesome, they are the family Banuelos.
Well there are some other last names but that is the one that is most
of the family's. Pretty cool. It was quite the Sunday.

As for the Roldans... We will see, it was a rough week concerning
them. We had to leave church to go to their house to have a ten minute
spiritual intervention amid preparing for the three baptisms. Pray for
him. That he will have the desire to act.

Well, this week was crazy, but fantastic. So many miracles. El Monte
is the promised land for missionary work. I love it.

Hermana Bardsley

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