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Sunday, July 13, 2014

El Monte week 11!!!!!


It has been World Cup madness over here. Mexico lost yesterday though
so things will die down a little bit. Conveniently the game yesterday
was at 9am, yes, our church starts at 9am. The whole week before
bishop spent pretty much all his time making it clear that the
sacrament>soccer. Needless to say, about half the congregation left
after the first hour, after they had taken the sacrament haha. When
Latinos become members of the church they are able to give up most of
their santitos (statues of saints that they pray to) but they never
really give up the soccer god. We all have our flaws.

BUT ANYWAYS!! Guess who came to church?! Hno roldan!! We brought
president and sister becerra to a lesson with them this week and it
was BOM. Got him to come. He only stayed for the first hour but still!
That is huge progress. We are super excited for them.

As for the Banuelos family, those who are actually going to progress
are a starting to make themselves clear. It is going to be interesting
to see what happens because they are such a huge family and some of
them are really into it, and some of them are starting to go the other

But! We found another suuuuper cool family. They are seventh day
Adventists. Which I don't know if you've ever looked into seventh day
Adventists but their beliefs are super similar to ours. The missing
piece is the authority to act in Christ's name. We taught them and the
dad was like, "wow, you are right, I can't believe that I have never
actually prayed to god to ask if I am in the right religion, that is
the difference between you and us, we have never actually asked god.I
need to do that." And then at the end the dad prayed and the Holy
Ghost was super strong, and we asked the son, "why do you think the
Holy Ghost is here?" And he was like, "well, it means god is giving
his blessing to the message, which means it is true". It was one of
the best lessons of my mission. It was super cool. I don't know their
last names, but their first names are genoviva, Mauricio, hector, and
Eduardo. Super cool.

I think that's about it from this week. Things are going well
here! El Monte rocks. My trainee's Spanish is getting... gradually
better. Have a good week!

Hermana bardsley

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