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Sunday, July 13, 2014

El Monte week 12!!!!!!

So to start off with a somewhat unpleasant funny story. Yesterday, we
had one of the most uncomfortable meal appointments of my mission. So,
yesterday was fast Sunday. And then a member decided to feed all of us
missionaries dinner, and it was tinga which is like chicken in this
chipotle sauce that you put on tostadas with lettuce, queso fresco,
and crema. Which is like superbly delicious. And after biking around
all day in 100 degrees and fasting we were pretty hungry, so I ate
quite a bit. But we forgot that someone we were teaching right after
that had also mentioned she wanted to give us a little something when
we came this week. Well, I have the gift of an extremely fast
metabolism, so it is normally not a problem for me to eat two to three
back to back dinners. But so anyways we got to this investigators
house and first, as I normally do with back to back dinners, I used
the restroom. Only... The toilet wouldn't flush. Now, normally if this
happens I just say a quick prayer and everything goes right down. But
not this time. And there was no plunger. I tried my best for 5 minutes
or so to get it unplugged, I even tried using the toilet brush, but
with no success. So eventually i had to come out and be like....
Sooooooo...... Do you have a plunger? Well anyways for the next twenty
minutes she was trying to unclog the toilet. And I we were just
sitting there awkwardly haha. She got it eventually. Apparently, this
is a normal occurrence even if you just put toilet paper in the toilet
and you just have to pour some buckets of water down the toilet while
it is flushing and it works. So that was that. Finally we start eating
and after about 15 minutes I get the sensation that I am going to
throw up. Once again I try to pray it away. "Please Heavenly Father I
just clogged the toilet, no one has even had to use the bathroom since
then, it's going to look really bad if I have to get up and run to the
bathroom now". And as the sensation got worse my answer was this "you
are either going to throw up on the plate, or you are going to run to
the bathroom and throw up there, which would you rather?" Well, I
chose the toilet. So I quickly got out of my seat, made a joke very
quickly about how I won't put any toilet paper in this time and ran to
the bathroom just in time to throw up my meal. By the time we got to
the lesson part I was ready to jump ship and get out of that house

But ANYWAYS, as for cool stories this week, yeni is probably the
highlite. Whenever we go over to her house she tells us how all her
friends and her family have been asking her all these questions like
why she doesn't drink coffee anymore and she is like "because our body
is a temple and we can't have the Holy Ghost if it is dirty". And all
this other stuff. She has been coming to lessons with us and stuff and
giving these bomb testimonies about how she started to notice the only
time she was happy was when either we were at her house or she was at
church so she was just like, this must be something good. So she's
doing awesome.

Besides that, there's not too much else to say! Things are good here.
I got the package and the pasta sauce was intact. I have already eaten
most of it :) thanks.

Hermana bardsley

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