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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

El Monte week 13!!!!!

[Marie's first comment below is in response to us telling her that the Banuelos family had written us, thanking us for our wonderful daughter.]

Ahhhhh man I love the Banuelos fam. They are members, but like the
best members ever. Their daughter atziry is the one who comes out with
us on her bike like everyday. And hermano baƱuelos baptized all our
jovencitos who got baptized a few weeks ago. They are the best.

As for this week, this will make you laugh mom. First they asked me
and one of the elders to do a musical number for a meeting we have
this Tuesday. We are practicing for that now. Haha. And then on Sunday
someone came up to me and was like "you are the one in charge of piano
lessons right?" And I was like.... What the?! Who do they think I am!
Just cus I'm white?! Why don't I just play trombone at the next
meeting. Haha. So I'm giving someone a piano lesson tomorrow hahahaha.
Oh how I love Spanish work.

So we started teaching this really cool lady this week. She had seen
us going to the neighbor and she asked if she could join us when we
come give the neighbor lessons. She has had all these crazy dreams
that led her to want to take the lessons from us. She is super cool.
Her name is Luisa.

We also had a bom lesson with the Roldans about the power of the Book
of Mormon. There was this moment where we just like got the super
strong impression that Hna [Hermana, or "Sister"] Roldan already has a testimony of the Book
of Mormon so I was just like "but Hna, you already have a testimony of
this book so your husband is more the one that needs to ask". And she
was just like,"how did you know that?" And I was like..... Uhhhh... I
don't know. It just popped into my head. And then she told us how she
had prayed and asked if it was true once and just saw like this bright
light with her eyes closed and had this tremendous peace for the rest
of the day and nothing bad could get her down that day. So that's
awesome. Sorry if this email is really disjointed I can't even hear
myself think in this room.

Well, I'm going to go because we have to practice. Cheers

-hermana bardsley

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