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Sunday, July 27, 2014

El Monte week 14!!!! (with some pictures)

Hermana Bateman, Atziry Banuelos (member family), Yeni (recently baptized), Marie

Marie and her first cousin, Aaron Bardsley.  They were called to the same mission and didn't know each other.  They met in the mission when Elder Bardsley arrived a couple weeks ago.

The joys of bike riding in 100 degrees.

So this Thursday is my cats birthday. If you could please give her
some sort of tasty treat that would be much appreciated. 

So this week we did service for the Roldans and it was pretty great.
We went over in the morning and cleaned up her yard and mopped inside
and stuff. We had the elders come too and they gave her a blessing.
She was super happy by the end. And she was like "hey since you guys
are here do you want to eat something for lunch?" And we said sure.
And then she gets out all this stuff that she had made early in the
morning for us, before we came over. We were super glad we had said yes.
It was super tasty. And she just was like glowing with happiness to
give us food it was pretty fun. She said how happy it made her to have
us in her house and give us food. It was cute.

We have been trying a lot to try to find ways to serve our
investigators. Mostly it's just nice to do something different. Put
jeans on, ya know. But it also just makes them see the purpose of this
whole gospel and feel god's love for them.

We have Atziry Banuelos with us right now. She told us that she wants
to spend the whole day with us today haha. So we are sitting here
typing our emails as she is talking to us. It is pretty funny. Makes
it hard to focus though haha. It was her birthday on Saturday. Her and
Yeni have become like besties. They spent her whole birthday together.
We met up with them for dinner and made them give out pass along cards
to random people at a taco stand. It was awesome. Yeni got someone's
address. Future missionaries right here. One day we were taking out
Yeni, and we got a text from Atziry that was like "you don't have to
take me out too but if you want to I can come I'm ready" hahaha. So
now we just take them both out. Don't want one to feel left out.

Hna Bateman says she is going to send you some pictures. Your lucky day!

She is doing awesome by the way. Her Spanish is really improving which
is really nice, my vocal chords can take a break. But no she doesn't
play piano... Even though she's white and from Utah. I don't know what

Well, I know more stuff happened but I can't think of anything right
now.... Cheers!

Hermana bardsley

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