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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

El Monte week 15!!!

So our pday was moved to today since we had interviews with president
Villanueva yesterday. This week has been pretty swell. President
Villanueva is bom. He is coming to a lesson with the roldans tonight.

We had a super awesome tour this week. It was with a lady named
Cecilia and her two kids. First off. Those kids are bomb. We taught
them the plan of salvation earlier in the week and afterwards the kids
who are like 8 and 11 took the pamphlet and were talking to each other
not to us and were like "we will read this tomorrow in the morning
when we get up". We didn't even tell them to read it. So anyways, at
the tour we gave the whole thing and then at the end we showed them
the bible video of Jesus Christ getting baptized and invited them and
they were all like "yea, I think so." And then the closing prayer was
the best part. In the closing prayer, she was like "god, hopefully I
can be part of this church so that my family can have blessings". It
was awesome.

Ummm.... Besides that... Everything is SUPER! This gospel really does
bring happiness. True happiness. And if someone isn't happy it is
because they aren't living the gospel. It's the truth! And I have been
thinking about this week how we should always let people see how happy
it makes us. And smile and be happy and say hi to people and stuff.
And when we do that it makes us even happier!

Well... Have a good week!

Hermana bardsley

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