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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Chino week 21!

Whew. Well this week has been crazy. I am exhausted. Today was our
temple day which means we had to get up super early to go to the first
session. That's also why my pday [preparation day] is today instead of yesterday.  We got to go to the Redlands
temple since we are all the way out in chino which was super
beautiful. I think that may be my favorite temple I've been to. It is
small, but gorgeous.

So other news for this week, Saturday night at like 10pm I got a phone
call from missionaries in Pasadena saying that my old investigator
macaira, from montebello, was going to get baptized the next day and
that the only people who she had requested to be at her baptism were
me and hermana Duran. She actually wanted hermana Duran to baptize her
but unfortunately they had to tell macaira that hermana Duran couldn't
do that haha. So i had to find a way to the other side of the mission
to be there. Somehow we found a way there. A very kind member gave us
a ride an hour away. The baptism was very nice. Her whole family was
there and macaira looked super happy. It is nice to know that even
though she didn't get baptized while we were teaching her, that us
teaching her did make a difference.

Then at the baptism hermana Duran told me that our recent convert from
montebello, gabi, is about to pass away and that she had been telling
the missionaries over there now that she just wants to see me and
hermana Duran before she passes away. Which is super sad. So now today
after I finish emailing we got special permission from the mission
president to make the long journey from chino to east Los Angeles to
go see gabi. The good news is, the plan of salvation is real. And this
lady who has been suffering from cancer for a while now, will be able
to live again with a perfect body, free from all those pains.

Oh! And aurora finally got confirmed! It was really funny because
after she got the Holy Ghost it was like she had an instant confidence
boost. In Sunday school she was like yelling out comments without
raising her hand and arguing with people, and me and hermana Stohlton
were just like "oh my... Who did we baptize.." She's not normally like
that she was just on this like super confidence boost it was funny

Aside from that, everything's good. The church is true. Christ payed,
died, and was resurrected so that every single one of us could live
again and become perfectly clean in order to live in the presence of
The Lord.

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