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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Chino week 16 from Hna Stohltons perspective

Well, here it is. Sorry again I am too lazy to personally write anything out to you guys today. I will write grandma a get well soon card though.

Subject: Alive!
Hola familia,

First things first. Aurora did make it to the waters of baptism!
However it was quite the crazy ride trying to get her there. So to
begin,last week it rained all week. So every day we were riding our
bikes in the rain. We waited for her at the Starbucks every day to
ensure that she did not buy any coffee. Then we would walk over to her
work to read with her before she started work.
Of course last week she was sick, fighting withdrawls, and barely got
any sleep because work was super busy. She told us that we were
killing her! Some of the withdrawals are so bad that all she could
smell and taste in her mouth for a couple of days straight was
cigarette smoke flavor.

Then the devil wasn't only working on her, but every other possible
source that could help her make it to her baptism. First of all
Hermana Bardsley fell off her bike and twisted her ankle kind of
badly. But if this is to be a gymnastics meet, she would have still
competed on it she said. She did not appreciate my wise Dr. Council I
was giving her. Then later that day we were driving and a car decided
it wasn't going to stop, after pulling out of the driveway and almost
plowed us, but thanks to my agile driving skills and reaction time I
was able to dodge it. 

Then on Saturday night we try to make the programs for her baptism,
but of course the printer was out of ink. And at last-second she
decided she wanted to invite the whole entire ward to her baptism and
not have it be a private one anymore. So it was kind of important that
we had programs.
But thankfully are made it to church for sacrament meeting but have to
go home after because she was coughing really badly. And we had
arranged a ride for her, but of course a couple of hours later the
person called back saying they had the stomach flu so wasn't able to
take her anymore. But thankfully we found someone else.

So for the baptism, for some reason we decided it would be a great
idea for us to sing a musical number.
So we had picked the hymn, How Great Thou Art to sing to her. But
Sunday morning as we were practicing it we decided it was better just
to change the hymn to Abide With Me tis Eventide, since it was easier
and we had practiced that hymn many times before and even performed it
for a few of our investigators. And we felt much more confident about
that hymn.
So, fast forward a few hours. Right before we go to the church to fill
up the baptismal font, we were able to make programs at a members
house. They turned out really nice. And then we made it to the church
in one piece. We put the elders in charge of filling up the font,
while we went and looked for a tv and made copies of the program for
everyone. We originally had planned to hook our iPads up to the TV and
show a few videos but of course there had to be technical problems. So
we went with our backup plan by showing finding faith in Christ.

Then Aurora finally arrived so we showed her to the bathroom and she
was able to get changed and be ready. She was so nervous though that
she was sweating. She said she felt her heart was about to jump out.
Then we took pictures and waited a few more minutes for the baptismal
service to begin. It finally started and as Vanessa Morrison was
giving her talk, Aurora started crying. The spirit was very strong. It
was a very precious sight to see. Then I dreaded the moment that the
talk finished, because that meant it was time for us to sing. And we
had planned to sing it a cappella so that way we could have different
parts. I sang soprano and hna. Bardsley sang alto. Hna. Bardsley
picked out the starting notes on the piano and we started to sing. But
for some reason it sounded like we were really off from each other,
although I don't think we really were, we were just nervous to sing.
So we stopped after the first line and decided to start over because
it sounded wrong. hermana Bardsley picked out the notes again. And we
tried to sing it again but my voice kept cutting out, then at that
point I had lost it completely and went into my nervous laughter. And
I was just laughing hysterically and trying to whisper to hermana
Bardsley that I couldn't do this anymore. She gave me a confused look
and asked what I wanted to do then. And meanwhile this is happening
the ward is watching us. I knew Eric could play the piano so I was
trying to suggest that he play for us. And we asked him to play for
us. But for of course we forgot to bring hymn books, and so we were
stuck using our iPads. And it just so happened that my iPad was having
technical difficulties and half the screen went blank and I couldn't
see the words. So we had to share hermana Bardsley's iPad which had
logged out at that point. So we had to pause the song again and log it
it back on. To my relief we barely managed to make it through the song

After our musical number, it was time for Aurora to be baptized. She
made it into the water just fine, apparently the water was cold
because it took her forever to get in. And she kept making noises as
if the water was cold. Her boss Eric was the one who baptized her.
Thankfully it only took one try! Then to everyone's shock, she must of
been so happy, because she turned and faced everyone and gave an
impromtu testimony that lasted about 20 seconds long. Then the rest
from there is history.

All I can say is Hna. Bardsley and I no longer have to desire to show
off our musical talents anymore. And thanks to everyone, and the
spirit that Aurora was baptized! The other good news of the week is
that Juan Gonzalez made it to church! And he loved it! I know that
this is the true church and I love you all!
Love, Hermana Stohlton

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