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Tuesday, April 8, 2014


I put one o for each week I've been in chino. So I think I am going to
go to physical therapy for my ankle. It is better mostly, but it
doesn't seem to be healing beyond a point. There are still these
moments about every day where I accidentally jump or point my toe and
it is just like a sharp pain and then I can't walk on it for a few
minutes. Which wouldn't be so bad, except that I'm a dancer.... So I
can't have this injury not heal, I need to be able to point my foot.
It would be most unfortunate if it didn't heal.

As for this week, we may be having a surprise baptism this Sunday of
manny, we are not really sure yet... Pray for him. He is trying to
overcome some things, which if he can overcome he will get baptism but
he needs all the prayers he can get. He is a super awesome guy. I wish
you guys could meet him. He is hilarious. He is a bit of a larger guy,
and he was telling us the other day that we better have the crane
ready for his baptism.

We also have this really awesome investigator named alma, she worked
from 2am to 10am yesterday but still showed up for the last hour of
church. That's devotion. I would not do that. Which is funny because I
was the one who told her she needed to come even just for the last
hour even if she is passed out during it. I definitely would have gone
home to bed, but thank goodness my investigators are stronger people
than me haha! Yea, maybe sometimes I'm a hypocrite, but hey, it's for
their own good! I'm sure she got lots of blessings. The thing is with
these Latinos they are ALWAYS working, most of them at least 12 hours
a day 7 days a week. So if you let them think that god will understand
if they miss church once because they haven't slept in 2 days then you
will never see them again.

But yeaaaaaaa that's about it. Oh did I ever mention that it's kind of
funny that the trader joes chocolate you send me is made in Monrovia?
And Monrovia is inside my mission? So it's funny because they make it
here where I am, and then ship it to you, and then you buy it and ship
it back to me. Yea... So funny....

Hermana bardsley

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