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Monday, March 17, 2014

Chino week a million!

No way to wake you up like an earthquake! I keep trying to find ways
to wake myself up better and it looks like god answered my prayers! I
could dramatize the story and make it sound like I almost died but....
To be honest though I don't even think it would have woken me up had I
not already been awake. Our first alarm had just gone off at 6:25 and
then about a minute later our beds shook for about 5 seconds and I
said to hermana Stohlton, "did your bed shake too?" To which she
replied, "yes" and I said, "huh, I think that was an earthquake" and
then I went back to sleep for the three remaining minutes till my
alarm went off again.

And to answer your question mom, yes, me and hermana Stohlton have
been together forever. There is a reason though. The reason is that
this church teaches us how to be together forever. Just kidding. The
reason is we are the first missionaries who have baptized or even
really found new people to teach in this area of chino for the last
year and a half. Which I mean it's nice that president thinks we are
doing a good job and all, but yea, we have been in the same spot
together for a really long time haha. But we work well together so
it's all good!

But this week was pretty good! I don't know if you remember manny, who
we taught like two months ago and then dropped. But anyways we had the
feeling like we should go by, and so we did, and he was just like MIND
BLOWN that we came by on that day because he had just like almost died
and and had just got back from the hospital and stuff. This guy is
hilarious. I don't even know how to describe him. We have definitely
missed teaching him. One time when we invited him to be baptized
before when we were teaching him he told us "I don't know if I feel
like getting wet right now, but maybe i'll catch you all at the next
dip" haha. So anyways now he is reading the Book of Mormon and really
studying it and doing these things he never did the first time we
taught him. So hopefully we really will catch him at the next dip

But yea, aurora is still not confirmed, but she wants to be. And on
her thing when she went to the hospital she told us that she put that
she is a Mormon! She is back home now, but still not doing so well.
Pray pray pray. She doesn't even really remember her baptism because
she was so sick. Poor thing.

It's seriously like as we become better missionaries and are given
more tools to succeed the devil is unleashed more and more. The things
that happen to stop people from being members of this church are
ridiculous. It's a good thing we are on the winning team, but MY
GOODNESS the hastening of the work is happening on both the good side
and the bad side. We just have to always make sure we are doing those
small and simple things, reading the scriptures, praying, going to
church and the temple, and we will be victorious, and you know me, I
like to win.

Hermana Bardsley

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