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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Chino week.... 19. Wow.

So yea...... I hit my 9 month mark on Wednesday! That is pretty cray
cray! Whew. I'm over the hill. And I've spent pretty much all that
time right here in chino.

So this week we had some pretty exciting/terrifying things happened.
The most exciting of which I am about to recount. Hermana Stohlton and
I were walking along the sidewalk on a fresh Sunday evening. There was
a slight breeze blowing that was ruffling the fronds of the palm
trees. We were busy chatting about our past lives as normal people
when suddenly a large hawk swooped down and landed on the street lamp as
we were approaching. It stared at us with its penetrating eyes,
considering whether or not we were a threat. It looked around,
scouring the surroundings in search of a small rodent. It was in
attack stance with its neck outstretched and it's wings held tight to
its body, ready to dive. Well, little did we know, it had a different
sort of attack in mind. We had kept walking but still had our eyes
fixed on the hawk as we admired its power. Just as we approached the
street light the hawk did something unexpected. First, it lifted its
tail. Then, as if in slow motion, something began to fall from the
sky. We stood there, staring towards the heavens in disbelief, and
then finally our brains clicked into gear. Just in the knick of time
we jumped out of the way as a ginormous blob of bird poop splattered
the cement exactly where we had stood just moments before. Some people
say birds have no rectal control. But I disagree. Having lived through
a very close encounter, I know that they not only have rectal control,
but are expert mathematicians. Able to take into account all
variables. The speed of our walk and the speed that it's turd would
fall at in order to create a perfect weapon of attack. We are lucky we
made it out alive.

Well, that is my way of saying that nothing terribly exciting happened
this week. We dropped a lot of people. Aurora didn't get the Holy
Ghost because she got so sick she has been in the hospital like this
whole last week. So pray for her so she can make it to church this
next week and get it.

Oh and more transfers came and went and I am still in chino with
hermana Stohlton. Yep! Things are good. The gospel is true.

Hermana Bardsley

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