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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Chino week 13!!!!!!!!!!

Hm. Well, I don't know what to say about this week. It was a very interesting one for reasons I can't really disclose. And I don't really know too much else to say because those reasons pretty much occupied our entire week. All I'm going to say about that is that sometimes I think it is crazy what the church trusts 20 year old kids with because, well, literally, we are entrusted with people's salvation. BUT. There are some stories I can tell.
Aurora, for one, is doing AWESOME. She told us on Saturday that she wants to get baptized. She came to church the next day. Pretty much, she is really really progressing towards her baptismal date on March 2. Now we have to start teaching all the stuff that will require her to change, like Word of Wisdom and stuff so hopefully she is strong enough to make those changes! I think she will be. She even asked for a Book of Mormon to give to her boyfriend. That's always a good sign.
So funny story, me and hermana stohlton have been singing for people quite a bit lately. But here's the thing, as many of you know.... not very many latins are very musical at all. To the point, where to some of them if you sing different parts, like alto and soprano, they just think that one of you is reallly really bad at singing because you are singing different tunes. So we sang "Abide with me tis eventide" for one of our neighbor families. And we were definitely on tune, because we could hear that our notes were harmonizing, and we had sung it to many other people and it had been super good and spiritual. But the whole family just started dying of laughter. And they all blamed it on the little girl Gabriela. They were like "Gabi! You are so rude. We just started laughing because she was laughing". It was pretty funny. They are like straight from Mexico, so they like REALLY don't have any Classical music training, so it just sounded like we really sucked to them! haha. I guess that's the risk you run when you sing to latins.
And Angel is doing well. He just is having a hard time getting Sundays off. But we gave him a tour this last week and it was super awesome. He stayed in the chapel and prayed afterwards and we left him alone in there and he came out just like feeling awesome. He just needs to have the faith to leap into the dark and stop working on Sundays.
I got to eat Persian food! This persian street contact invited us over for dinner. So we got the English elders and went and ate and then taught the restoration. It was fantastic. I love persian food. I love tacos too, a lot, but it was nice to eat something a little different.
Well, I hope everything is well back home! My kitty is still going strong?! Has she brought you any presents lately? I guess it's still winter over there. Over here it's been like in the 80s. It's crazy. There was a month where it was pretty cold, in like November. And that's when I had you send me all that winter stuff. And then it heated back up and has been really quite hot since. Which is bad everyone says because it means they are going to be in super drought this summer.
Well, the gospel is true. Jesus Christ suffered for our sins so as to know how to take the load off of us. Have a good week.
your favoritest child,
hermana bardsley

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