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Friday, January 24, 2014

Chino, still here.

Well, it's a good thing I like Chino. Because I am now beginning my third transfer here. Me and Hermana Stohlton are still together. which is AWESOME. BUT ENOUGH OF THE BORING TALK. Some cool stuff happened this week.

So since I came here to Arcadia, I have had the dream of meeting someone who had a tree of life dream. AND GUESS WHAT?! Yep. It happened. We were in our favorite borracho neighborhood talking to one of them and his wife just in passing. The wife's name is Carolina, and we have taught her a couple times with her husband, and they love us, but they were never really showing any signs of progressing, and especially she didn't really want anything to do with The Book of Mormon or anything that's not in the bible. So we were talking to Carolina and I was saying how sometimes I fall asleep when I am praying, and so she started talking about cool spiritual dreams she has had. Something about a sheep, I don't remember. But something, I guess the spirit, just said to me "ask her if she's had a dream about a tree". And so out of nowhere I was just like, "Have you ever had a dream about a tree?". And she got SUPER excited, and started to tell us about this dream she had where this big beautiful tree just was like full of love, like it was the best feeling ever, and that the dream had impacted her so much that she had drawn a picture of it which she keeps in her bible. And we were just like, "well, we'd like to show you about someone else who also had a very similar dream about a tree, in the Book of Mormon". And now she is reading the Book of Mormon. Pretty dang cool. I can check that off my box of things to do in my mission.

Another cool thing. We are teaching this other lady named Aurora. I may have told you guys a bit about her before, I don't remember. But she can barely read. She never went to school and the little reading that she can do, she taught herself how. So anyways, we taught her about the Book of Mormon, and committed her to read one verse everyday. That was Saturday. On Thursday we came back and she had read 12 chapters. She says that for some reason, when she reads the Book of Mormon, she can read! And so she LOVES the Book of Mormon, because it is pretty much the only thing she can read. She reads it everywhere, on the bus, at home, at work. We explained to her, of course, that that is the spirit. And that that is her proof that it is true. It is also cool because she works at this restaurant called Straw Hat Pizza. And it is owned by a member. And he says that he has just seen this tremendous difference in her. Like she just has this glow of happiness now. We noticed that too, even before she had told us she read, but it's just amazing that it is like ACTUALLY a notable difference that other people are noticing.

That member is SUPER cool by the way. Not only because he gives us free pizza. But he also makes a habit of actually doing the research to debunk every single anti mormon theory. We once just sat down for like an hour with him at his restaurant and he debunked for us every theory we didn't know how to debunk. His name is Eric Morrison if you guys ever need any debunking help. He is my friend on facebook, and he and his wife love us so I'm sure they would be perfectly fine with you guys adding him.

And Angel is doing awesome. He is going to come to church this Sunday. We are super excited.
The Book of Mormon is the key to everything my friends. Did you know that the average college graduate who converts only has read 8 pages of the Book of Mormon before getting baptized? No wonder so many people go less active. Read the Book of Mormon, and get other people to read the Book of Mormon. It is the best tool we have to one, come closer to our savior, and also to have people know beyond a doubt that this is the Savior's church. 

Well, have a grand week,
Hermana Bardsley

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