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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Chino week 9!!!!!!!

Well, I just talked to you guys a couple days ago. Not too much has happened since then. I did get a letter from sophamalough and that was pretty exciting. AND we have officially finished off the giant pile of tamales that were in our fridge from christmas. And Jesse will find this exciting. We just had a family move in right next door to us that is from Pakistan and they are Islamic and speak Urduu (I don't know if I spelled that right). But yea they are super cool.
Oh and the Elders had a baptism yesterday. Only it felt more like both of our baptism because he kind of became all of our investigator. He is the coolest guy ever. His name is Ruben Torrado. He is from Cuba, and just came here two years ago. Since he came here he has been trying different religions and church hopping and none of them could answer all of his questions satisfactorily. About four weeks ago he contacted the elders on the street, and told them to teach him. And I think they have taught him every single day since. And he literally does EVERYTHING with us it is soooo cool. If we go caroling to less active families, he comes. If we as the missionaries have a free hot chocolate stand and sing to people passing by on the street, he comes. He literally spends 24/7 with the missionaries. Yesterday after he got baptized he bore his testimony and just said like "from day one everything they said just MADE SENSE. It was the whole picture, where we came from, why we are here on earth, and where we are going. And aside from that, I just feel undescribably amazing right now after getting baptized". He is such a cool guy. Wouldn't surprise me if he is a general authority one day. And that's just it, to those who will open their ears and listen, the gospel DOES MAKE SENSE. It is amazing just, how much sense it really makes.
We lived with God, the father of our spirits, before. He is our dad, and wanted us to be like Him. We had to be thrust into the unknown, imperfection and temptation, to learn and grow. God knew we would make mistakes so he provided a someone to pay for those so that we could overcome them. Mercy satisfies the demands of justice. And we will be given the exact reward we earned. So simple. It still amazes me that no other religion has come up with it in it's entirety, they have parts, but really the full thing is the only thing that makes sense.
Well, that's all for now folks. 
Hermana Bardsley

Also you can include this in my blog, this was in my letter to president, I know you already heard the story on Christmas, but it's a good story so I'd want people who read my blog to hear it.
We had a cool experience on Christmas day teaching a family. We taught them for the first time and taught the restoration. At the end we did the whole "if God was here and you could ask him one thing..." thing, and he said he would ask something about prophets, I don't remember the exact question. And so then we invited the wife in who hadn't wanted to participate in the lesson, but we figured at least for the closing prayer she'd come. So she did and then we all folded our arms and bowed our heads and........ expected him to start praying. But he didn't say anything. And so we looked up to see what was wrong and we realized he was praying in his head because he had his eyes closed super hard as if concentrated. So we closed our eyes again and just waited to see what was going to happen. Well, after about 30 seconds or so, the spirit just like flooded the room, we knew he had asked his question, even though he hadn't said a single thing out loud. And finally when we all opened our eyes the wife was teary eyed and they both said they felt a ton of peace. It was just crazy, because he hadn't said anything at all out loud, and yet she was crying, even though she hadn't even participated in the lesson either; it was one of the most powerful praying at the end of a lesson experiences I've had.

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