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Thursday, January 16, 2014

CHINO WEEK 11!!!!!!!

Well, sickness struck again, that is why I didn't email you guys yesterday. My poor companion was throwing up all day long, so we didn't leave the house at all. She's feeling much better now though, thankfully.
But, besides that, this week was MINDBLOWING! So, in case anyone who reads this is a return missionary of within the last five years, I will tell you guys who we met this week. Well, there are these movies they make us watch as missionaries called "The District". And anyways, I think about 5 years ago "The District 2" came out, which is much much better than the first one. And well, as missionaries since these are really, the only movies we can watch everyone quotes them, constantly, and its really funny just because... well... we have nothing else to laugh at. But there is this one movie where it shows the mission president training missionaries, and he says a ton of really, quite funny things in this movie. For those of you who know the district, he's the "Stop, too quick, go to heaven!" guy. And guess what, that mission president, president Donaldson, now is one of the high up missionary training people. So he's the one who like came up with the new teaching method and everything and they do a ton of research on how to make missionary work more efficient and stuff. WELL. HE CAME. and gave us an 8 hour seminar on how to teach. IT WAS MINDBLOWING. Basically, we have to change everything about the way we do everything. But it is super cool. He says that missions that have started doing these things have doubled or even tripled in some cases their baptisms.

So COOL STORY FROM THIS WEEK. There is this guy named Angel who we met on the street about a month ago. He had given us his address and phone number and we had tried stopping by and calling a couple times but we hadn't been able to find him. So finally last week we called and got ahold of him and set up an appointment for the next day. So we got there and sat down and he was like "So I already told my family I am going to be a Mormon, and they were like 'WHAAAAAT??!!!' And I was like 'yep, I've decided the mormons have the peace I am looking for". And we were just like.... "well, we want you to at least pray about it first.... and ask God...but... (I got out the phone and looked at the calendar) how about you get baptized on February 16th?" haha, and he said yea! And here is the coolest part of the story. He is gay. Completely and totally. There is no way he will ever be attracted to a woman, ever. But he was just like "I know that God doesn't want me to act on that, and I know that you guys have the peace I have looked for for my whole life because I feel it every time I'm around missionaries" and so he was already ready to sacrifice that for the rest of his life to be able to have that relationship with God. It was crazy. This was our first lesson with him. What a cool guy. We were just blown away. What FAITH. To know that you will have to sacrifice such a huge part of your natural self for the rest of your life, but to know that God will reward you for doing that. I honestly just admire him so much. He will be rewarded so much more than he's giving up.

But yea, Chino rocks. The Church is true. I love being a missionary. Christ is our Savior. Have a good week. Don't get the stomach flu.

Hermana Bardsley

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