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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Chino Week 14. Touchdowns and rain.

So, as you guessed mom, I don't really care about the superbowl, at all. However, it has been a nice technique to get into houses in the last 24 hours. I even got some free carne asada out of being from Seattle. So, I'm not complaining. People think that I'm crazy though that I'm from Seattle and I didn't watch the superbowl. It has been really weird these past few days though to see a whole bunch of people wearing Seahawks and Seattle stuff.
It also rained last night. Which I attribute to the Seahawks winning the superbowl. Although more likely it was because all of the members in Southern California had been asked to fast for rain yesterday because this area is in a super drought. And it isn't even summer yet. Apparently I hear in some areas they are just going to cut off water for periods. But yea, it rained. And it was pretty cool because it was like half hour after we finished our fast that all these clouds just randomly rolled in and it started raining. Which probably also roughly coincided with right around when the Seahawks won the superbowl. Either way it increases my faith in something good, Seattle, or the gospel, the two best things the world has to offer. I have yet to learn humility on my mission. I still think I am from the best place on earth, and by extension was born with a large portion of awesomeness.
So Juan, our borracho, is doing.... well... pretty similar haha. But since you asked, Daddy-oh, I'll give an update. He is just never even mentally there enough that he can even absorb a message. But we still go a couple times a week largely because the entire neighborhood loves us for visiting him. But it is pretty funny, we gave him a book of mormon and he saw our book of mormons and that they were like highlighted and marked and stuff. And so the next time we came back he had colored his book of mormon. But actually, like, colored it. Like every other line was a random color, and he had colored whole pages like that. He brought his Book of Mormon out with a box of crayons. It was hilarious. We nearly died trying to contain our laughter. But hey, that's progress at least! At least he is opening the Book of Mormon! Even if it is just to color it! I think he reads what he colors too. I think that's kind of how he keeps track of what he reads. He colors a section and then reads it haha. Poor guy. He just is so far gone it is like dealing with a 5 year old.
I don't know if I told you guys about this either when skyping or in a previous email, but they created this rule in the mission in December, I believe, that as a companionship we have to have at least 10 quality contacts a day (which means you have to testify and invite in the contact), and the first one has to be within the first ten minutes of leaving our apartment. Well, the second part of that one is super inspired, because it means that we end up teaching a lot of our neighbors. Which is just, super convenient. We can just look to see if their cars are home to know if we can go over. It is great. But yea we are teaching this family that just lives right downstairs from us right now and they are super cool. There are just some homes where the spirit can come super strong. I think it's based on their own dedication. Normally when we come into a home we have to tell the family to turn off the tv, and then we go and get all the kids out of their rooms to listen. So with this family we had set up an appointment when we met him a couple days before, and normally like with street contacts they don't even remember that they had set up an appointment. And so that's what we were expecting, but then we got there and as soon as we walked in they turned off the tv and the dad went and got all the kids and he had told them all before hand that we were coming and they all sat down at the table and the spirit was just SOOOO strong. In the ending prayer when he asked if these things were true and then we did the new teaching method thing where we just sat there for a minute or so in silence the spirit was like SUFFOCATING. In a good way of course. It was more like everyones hearts were about to explode. It's just soo true that as much effort as you put into something you get out of it and that's how it is with the gospel. This family had made the effort to be prepared to hear God's word and because of that the spirit could testify like crazy.
Well, Aurora is still doing well. She is still reading the Book of Mormon and going to church. Which is awesome. She will almost certainly get baptized on March 2 which is her baptismal date.
That's all, well, not really, but I am bored of typing. cheers my friends.
Hermana Bardsley

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