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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bel 2 Week 2!!!!!!!!! !!!

Hey guess what we had today??! MILANESA DAY! It was fantastic. We made Milanesa and spanish rice and stuff. I don't know if I ever mentioned this, but we live across the apartment complex from 4 elders. So yea we had a big milanesa party today!It is extremely ridiculous and they distract us a ton but it is also keeps things from getting too depressing, theres always a free comedy show. They knock on our door every morning at 6:30 so that we can lead group exercise/yoga. 

As for this week... lets see... I ORDERED MY BIKE!! AND GUESS WHAT?? IT IS MY FAVORITE COLOR! I also only have $10 in my personal account now because of it. I am also getting really tan from all the walking now that we no longer have a car.

So remember how I told you in the beginning of the mission my mission president compared me to a puppy and said to just put a leash on me but don't kill my energy haha? So me and Hermana Lopez together are like two puppies with no leash. Since we are in East LA and it is "dangerous", technically we have a car to use after 5pm. And I think when they told us that they were expecting that we would just want to use it after 5pm so they didn't tell us directly we had to. So we don't. At all. hehe. WE BUS EVERYWHERE!!!!!! And it is great because even though our area for Bel 2 is safe and asian people everywhere, for the singles ward we can go anywhere in the stake. So we go to like downtown LA and stuff on bus. Someday soon our mission president is going to realize we are doing that and tell us we have to use the car, but until he tells us... haha. I mean those are the people who need the gospel the most! So we aren't going to drive over there and miss talking to them... pish posh. 

We are having a ton of fun. We have a new tactic for Los Robles. We just tell them that if they bring investigators to a dinner with us we will bring chocolate cake! And HEY! It's working. We had an awesome lesson with one of members and two of her friends this week and we are going to teach the friends again. We are trying to work a lot more with Los Robles now because we kind of ignored it before, so we are starting at the bottom and just visiting members and gaining their trust and stuff so that they'll give us referrals because really that is the only way to work in a YSA ward. So it is taking some time to pick up, but it is getting there.

But hey my recent convert Gabby is doing AWESOME! It is amazing how the gift of the holy ghost really like... gives people the holy ghost! She says that now in all the classes she actually understands them and remembers them whereas before her baptism she didn't. She wants to get her patriarchal blessing too! 

But hey guess what? THE CHURCH IS TRUE! It's awesome. And sharing it is the best thing ever. It makes people so happy. And then it makes us even more happy. It's truly just... the way to be happy. So share the gospel so that e'erybody can have the atonement in their lives! 

Here's one more cool story. We bussed up somewhere for an appointment this week and then the family wasn't home, so we were like "well lets find out why we are supposed to be in this neighborhood." So we just started knocking doors. And like the tenth door we knocked on someone yelled from inside the house "WHO IS IT?" To which we replied "missionaries for the church of jesus christ of latter day saints". And she was like "I'm not interested." "wait... did you say latter day saints? I'm on your family history website right now! I love doing family history and your website has the best resources out of any and it's free!" And it so happens that we are teaching a class on family history this week but neither me or Hna. Lopez know how to use the program so we were like "uhh... do you think we could come in and could you teach us how to do that?" And so we did. So we went in and she taught us how to use the site and we are going to go back to teach her why we do family history. It was funny and fun haha. that's all. :D

Tell Teri Congrats!! The baby is super cute!! Can't wait to meet him! 

Hermana Bardsley

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