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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Oct 21st and Oct 28th

Oct 21st

Well. This week was pretty crazy. We were evacuated from our apartment for a day and a half because of a giant gas leak. Yea we it was pretty funny because we were carrying all our laundry and groceries back and then they wouldn't let us into our street. SO we were homeless for a bit. The elders bikes also got stolen from the bike rack on our car during that time. And then my wallet was stolen/lost. It's been a little crazy haha. BUT. The good news is.... THE GOSPEL IS TRUE!!!! I don't know, none of this stuff really concerns us too much because we are just so happy sharing the gospel!

ALSO!! we gave someone a baptismal date. He is a husband of a member, and he knows the church is true, so he has been hiding from the missionaries since she got baptized because he knew that he would get baptized if he didn't haha. He is awesome though, he has seen how it has changed his family for the better.  But yea when we came along we told the family we weren't going to teach them unless we could come at a time when everyone is home and we could teach everyone. So that's what we did, and now he is going to get baptized! With his daughter who is 8 :) it is going to be super cute. haha so yea that was cool!  His name is Douglas, and his daughter is Kimberly.

Also we are teaching an argentinean family... and it is the funniest thing of my life. The mom is SO stereotypically Argentine. She hates the son's girlfriend and so the whole time she is just like "No se que hizo para merecer ese pecado en su vida" (I don't know what he did to deserve this sin in his life) "Siempre esta con esa fea" (He is always with that ugly girl)  and then one time he said "yo" instead of the argentine "jo" and she was like "MIRA!! ESA FEA ESTA QUITANDO SU ARGENTINO! ES JO! NO YO!!! JO!!!!!!!!" She says all this in front of her son. I'm pretty sure she is just teasing him because even he is just sitting there laughing the things she says are so ridiculous. He like sits there and nods his head and mouths to us not to take her seriously. But yea we were just sitting there dying of laughter. But the son, Lucas, is super awesome. He sincerely has the desire to learn, and the spirit was super strong during the first lesson. He accepted a baptismal invite at the end of the first lesson. The mom is interested too but she pretends not to be, she goes into the kitchen as if shes not listening but then she will yell a comment in when she has something to say haha. Argentines are funny. I think if I had gone to Argentina on my mission I wouldn't been able to get anything done because I would have been laughing the whole time. 

Oct 28th

Well, what can I say, I knew I was going to be transferred because last week I completely lost my shame. The moment I started killing cockroaches with my fists I knew I had to go. But East LA will always have my heart. I am now in Chino. Which happens to be as different from East LA as is possible. And on the complete opposite corner of the mission. It is quiet and rich and there are even horses and cows out here. There are no busses and we are right by the mountains. It's weird, I've become so accustomed to the hustle and bustle and sirens and meth labs of East LA, but it is going to be AWESOME here. I am super excited to learn a completely different style of missionary work. But it will be weird for a while.
My last week in Bel 2 though was everything I could have hoped for. We finally had a lesson with Oscar, and he shared with us how he knows this is all true, and he has prayed and received the answer that he needs to get baptized. He talked about how the gospel has changed his life, how it filled a hole he didn't realize he had, and all the miracles he has seen and felt because of it. I often felt like Oscar was my purpose being in that area, and I always said, "If I could just stay long enough to be sure that Oscar will get baptized I will be happy". And well, that happened. So I kind of felt like everything came full circle this last week. Other things too. But guys, the gospel is SO true, it fills all those holes in peoples hearts. Jesus Christ payed for every hole whether it is from a sin or not, he payed for it so that he could know how to help all of us in our times of need. It gives them hope and happiness that they never knew existed. You see those holes, like with Oscar, get filled with light instead
Dad, I am super excited you are a ward missionary! You will be an AMAZING ward missionary! You will have to keep me posted about that. Missionary work is the most rewarding thing ever.
But yea, besides that THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYBODY!!!! MOM THANKS FOR ALL THE CHOCOLATE!!!! I THINK I AM SET FOR A GOOD COUPLE WEEKS NOW!!!! AND JESSE SENT ME CHOCOLATE TOO!!!!! I was just in a state of everlasting joy today at the mission office when I opened those two packages. And thank you to michelle and Joshy too!!! I am going to answer everybody but since I got transferred today and am figuring all that out it will probably be a couple weeks. But yea, I am going to keep my email short today unless I have extra time after emailing the mission president then I might send another.
The gospel of Jesus Christ is real and true. Keep up the awesome work!
Hermana Bardsley

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