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Monday, September 23, 2013

BEL 2 WEEK 1!!!!!!!!!

Okay so........ we have done A LOT of bus riding this week!!!!!! It has been fun. One time we were the only ones standing so we just stood at the front of the bus and taught to the entire bus haha! They all quieted down once we started talking to the guy at the front so we just directed ourselves to the entire bus haha! IT WAS AWESOME! :D We got a good referral out of it for the elders that wants to get baptized now!

Umm... well... besides that we are walking a lot! like 8 miles a day probably because we don't have bikes yet. Uh yea, we are having a lot of fun! Don't have too many investigators yet in this area but we are getting referrals every time we ride. Just for people not in our area. Haha. But, yea, we did a whole bunch of finding this week so we are going to have a ton of awesome appointments next week! We are having a ton of fun we do not even notice that we don't have investigators because we are talking to so many people haha! 


Hermana Bardsley

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