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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bel 2, Week 4!!!!

Well hello everyone! This week was a little bit somber. We went to two memorial services. One for a sister in our ward who unexpectedly passed away, she was only about 50 and has a 17 year old daughter. She LOVED missionaries. Every time we would go over she would send us home with like a box of cereal, gallon of milk, things of yogurt, bananas, water and other things haha. She was awesome, well, still is. The other was for the missionary who passed away, Elder Page. He had only been in the field for a month, and was from the first batch who came from the Mexico MTC. His dad had just died three years ago. Apparently, he came to the mission and told president and his trainer that he was here to teach people about the plan of salvation because that was what he had a super strong testimony of. Everyone says that he would bring everyone to tears bearing his testimony of the plan of salvation. What has amazed me through both these experiences more are the families of these people. The husband and daughter of Hermana Reynoso were at church on Sunday, smiling, and the mom of Elder Page was more concerned about his companion, Elder Ostler than anything. 

The gospel is so true. To normal people, losing a husband and a son within a couple years would destroy them and their hope, but the knowledge of being able to live with our families for eternity and the comfort that the holy ghost brings to people in need is truly incredible. This church is SO true. If only EVERYBODY knew it so that they could also have the same peace through hard things. And it's not just peace because we convince ourselves that we can be with our families again so it's okay, it is REAL peace and knowledge that God sends to people who truly ask God for that comfort. 

OH SO GUESS WHAT??!! We had interviews with president this last week and GUESS WHAT HAPPENED?? I walked into my interview, and president was like "sister, do you really need your car?" and I was like "NOPE!" And so now we don't have to use our car AT ALL!!! We didn't even say anything to him. What an inspired man ;). We will be careful, don't worry. We aren't going to use our bikes much anyways because we like just walking and talking to people.

But yea, besides that we kind of like... dropped all our investigators this week because they didn't want to progress.... So....... YEA!!! Back to finding people :D. Me and Hermana Lopez are both kind of blunt. If someone is refusing to progress we just drop them right away.  But yea! there's just really no point in holding onto investigators like that, a lot of people just do because it is hard to find new investigators. I should start learning some chinese so I can have more conversations with all the chinese people here.  Our bus conversations are oftentimes pretty funny, but they are just happy we are giving them something in their language because we have chinese pamphlets and pass along cards and so they read it haha.

I anxiously await the chocolate. This morning I had a chocolate fit. Just ask my companion. I went around the house complaining about everything. Like, UGGGG I don't want to sweep the floor, I just want to eat chocolate. And then UGGG I don't want to do my laundry, I just want to eat chocolate. But I don't have any. So then when I went shopping today like everything I bought was chocolate oriented, cocoa puffs, nuttella etc...

And we just got our bikes yesterday!!! Be excited for next week. We are gonna take some super sick modeling poses with our bikes whipping our hair around with some gatorade and stuff. It's going to be legit.

Keep it real, the church is true, tell everyone you know about it.

Hermana Bardsley

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