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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

BEL 2 WEEK 3!!!!!!???

Well. Let me see. I have a ton of things to say. Only I am so tired I don't think I am going to say too much. Our pday got moved to Tuesday this week so that we could go to the temple this morning. So we did. And it was pretty awesome. The Los Angeles temple is GIGANTIC. Someone said it is the biggest temple. I'm not sure if that's true but it was pretty big. It was HUGE. And it was one of the ones where you move from room to room to room so that was really cool. 

Anyways, BE MEMBER MISSIONARIES!!!!! yeah. I loved how like every talk talked about that. This IS the hastening of the work and all of us missionaries can't do it without the members. This gospel is SO TRUE and makes people SO HAPPY you just have to share it with EVERYONE!

Oh and by the way, the made a rule specifically for me and Hermana Lopez that all sisters in this area HAVE to use their car after 5pm. We were the only ones who weren't. So we know the rule was just for us haha. Which is funny. Sad, because riding the bus all day long was the best but whatever. But cool story about before they made that rule. One night we were riding the bus talking to people like usual and there were these people who kept looking at us funny. And well, when we got off the bus Hermana Lopez were like "hermana, those people were taking pictures of us on their phone. And I was like.... "uhhh..... that can't be good". And then then next day we were at the church and this lady came up to me and gave me a huge hug and was like "congratulations!! good job!!" and me and hermana Lopez were like.... huh? Then she pulled out her phone and showed us all these pictures of us bus contacting haha. So it was her and her husband watching being undercover members on the bus taking pictures of us. So yea I'll forward those pictures to you guys because she sent them to us haha.

Best moment of the week though was that we rekindled with Oscar!!! He had told us before not to knock on his door because the people he lives with hate mormons. But we hadn't been able to contact him in 2 months so finally I was like, that's it, we are knocking on Oscar's door. And we found him and it turned out he had lost his old phone, didn't have anyone's number and had been trying to find a way to contact us again. And then without us even telling him to come he came to conference the next day. We were there and then we just saw Oscar already there and we had no idea he was coming. He is such a good kid. 

But yea, this week was really awesome. We have a ton of awesome new investigors. Conference was really really awesome. I just kind of want to pass out because we got up at 5 to take the bus 2.5 hours to the temple. So we did 5 hours of bus riding today and we just got back like an hour ago and we still have to do our laundry and stuff. Cheers. Oh yea my bike is like aqua blue to answer your question. But I still don't have it yet, I think it's now at the mission office.

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