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Sunday, September 22, 2013

BELVEDERE 2!!!!! :D :D! /Montebello week 12

So... EVERYTHING GOT CHANGED. Montebello was dissolved and gobbled up by two other wards. And I am... OPENING AN AREA WITH A NEW COMPANION!!! Yep. And it is all chinese people. But we are going to baptize every Mexican in the area. We are part of the Bel 2 ward in the north area, that's the only part of bel 2 where they want sisters because I guess the rest is dangerous, we still have Los Robles as well. But our area is safer than montebello, bummer I know, it's all rich asian people. I don't think president realizes how safe it is in this new area because he gave us a car to use at night, but like we are not going to use it because we don't think we need it. But it is kind of cool because I am the only white sister in East LA! And my companion has only been out 4 weeks longer than me and we are opening an area. She is AWESOME!!! Her name is Hermana Lopez, but a different hermana lopez than the one who was already my companion. I am so excited. We spent one day together once on an exchange and it was the BEST. SHE LOVES CONTACTING TOO!!! She talks to more people than me on the streets and stuff! IT IS GOING TO BE SO AWESOME!! And she loves taking the buses too! We are super excited. We have one investigator that someone passed off to us but besides that we are pretty much starting from scratch! 

Hey but guess what is cool?! Miguel didn't actually live in my area before, but now Miguel is ACTUALLY in my area so I can teach him!!! 

Oh, so cool story from this week, there was this potential investigator on a sheet who yesterday on our last day in Montebello I was like, "hey, we should go visit this lady". Her progress record said that she watches the missionary training movies "The District" on byutv or online or something but she is a pastor for her church. I had gone to see her once and she was really really cool and said that just the day before she had gotten out her book of mormon the other missionaries had given her and wanted to read it. Her husband is also a pastor though and so she said she would ask him if she could take the lessons from us and if so call us. Well she never called, but yesterday we went over and it turns out her husband is out in michigan right now. So she let us in and she told us how she had told her husband she wants to go to the Mormon church one day instead of her but he had forbidden her. But she has been reading the Book of Mormon and told us that she wants to be a Mormon, only she doesn't know what to do because her and her husband are are copastors in their church and he won't let her. She wants to have us come teach a lesson to all of the youth from her church haha! THIS LADY IS SO AWESOME! The book of mormon changes hearts. So yea, she's not our investigator anymore, but isn't that pretty cool?! It's like the stories you always read in the church news about the pastors who convert from other faiths and stuff. 

Oh AND THANKS FOR THE PACKAGE!!!!!! THE SUN CHIPS ARE THE BEST!! I EAT THEM EVERYDAY! Seriouusly, I love sun chips, that was great. And mom, when did you get so sappy?! Where even did you find all these sappy sticky notes and stuff? I had a dream last night that you guys went so broke you didn't know how you were going to pay your tithing and I was like, "MOM, THEN WHY DID YOU SPEND ALL THIS MONEY ON SAPPY STICKY NOTES?! TITHING IS MORE IMPORTANT!!!! I CAN USE REGULAR StiCKY NOTES ITS OKAY! STOP WITH THE SAPPINESS!" hahahaha, literally, that was my dream, it was pretty funny. I do like the sticky notes, though I have no idea where you found all that stuff. Hey, but why no chocolate? I've been out of chocolate since before my birthday :(. Just, ya know, Christmas or whenever you send me a package send me lots of chocolate.

Yea well I think thats about all! Thanks for everything! Keep it real! Oh and can you ask Sydnee Stevenson what her address is? I found something I NEED to send her. :D

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