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Monday, September 9, 2013


Hey everybody out there!

But yea, the mission is awesome! Honestly, it has been the happiest 3 months of my life. The life stories of some of these people are so so sad. People who saw their parents got shot in front of them, or were abandoned by their parents and so on and so on. And that is why sharing the gospel with these people is THE BEST. It is such a huge difference from what they are normally feeling. This gospel is SO true. It brings more peace than ANYTHING else. It is awesome. People think our church is like power hungry or something and just wants to baptize everyone or prove everyone else in the world that they are wrong, but that is not it at all. We do what we do so that EVERYONE has the chance to be the most happy they will ever be. It is such a blessing to have.

So, this week was CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!! So Gabby originally had the date for yesterday, but we were like, "we haven't even taught the word of wisdom or tithing yet so I don't know if this is going to work out". So we went over there wednesday and she said to us "I don't think I'm ready to get baptized yet", and we were like "yea, we kind of agree, there are still some things you need to be living before you can get baptized". And then we taught the word of wisdom and she was like "well I don't do any of that even drinking coffee or tea". So then I was like.... well then.... you are ready to get baptized... And we talked about it and she said she would pray about it for when we were next going to see her on Saturday. Well, we talked to her Friday evening on the phone and she said that she wasn't going to get baptized on Sunday. But then Saturday night at like 7 we went over there and we brought her best friend whose a member, and we weren't planning on pushing her because she has cancer and is sick a lot of the time. But we got there and we just asked her why she doesn't want to get baptized yet, and then her friend took over the lesson and just was like "Gabby, you are ready, come on, what are you waiting for. There's never going to be a time when you feel completely well to do this". So then Gabby decided to get baptized the next day! So we were just in a panic trying to prepare everything for a baptism the next morning. And she didn't want anyone there, not even her friends from the ward besides her one best friend, so we had to keep it secret from the whole ward, besides the bishopric of course. It was pretty funny. It was just Gabby, her friend, hna. duran, me, the district leader who were the witnesses, the zone leaders who baptized her, and a member of the bishopric who had to be there to preside. She specifically told us to find someone she doesn't know to baptize her because she didn't want anyone she knew there. But, nonetheless, it was a very very good experience. The spirit was super strong, and she said she felt a ton of peace afterwards and she cried after because we all wrote our testimonies on pieces of paper and gave them to her. It was the best surprise baptism EVER!!!

Oh, so, this is sad, but this is my last week in montebello. I can say for sure because the montebello ward is not going to exist after this week. It is getting dissolved. We did our best to save it, but our best wasn't good enough. The people here are awesome, there are just not enough of them. So probably what will happen is if I stay here I will be over the Belvedere 2 ward, which would be AWESOME because it's even more ghetto over there! We would be the first sisters in the area. We tell our mission president every time we see him that we want to be the sisters to open all the, slightly more dangerous you could say, areas. So, hopefully, I stay here in this area and go to Bel 2 :). 

So Kevin, Arath's brother, will probably get baptized this next week! Pray for it. He knows he is ready and knows the church is true and wants to get married in the temple but he is so scared to get baptized for some reason. Even he doesn't know why. So pray that he gets over that fear! We just went over and were like "so we think you need to get baptized next week, so who do you want to baptize you and want songs do you want to sing and etc?" And it worked, he got kind of excited about it, even though we gave him a date a week a way that we hadn't given him before haha. But yea, he's still scared, but at the end of the lesson he prayed for God to take away his fear it was awesome. 

That's all! Well, there was a lot more, but those were the best moments. Have a great week! It's cooling down a little bit here which is nice because it means maybe we won't have to leave our window open at night soon and we won't have to deal with the lovely smell of our meth lab waking us up :D.

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