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Monday, September 2, 2013

Montebello WEEK 10!!!!

So in case you were wondering, in Los Angeles when you are called to serve a mission you are part time missionary the other part crime scene investigator. It's pretty cool I guess. It's just a little hard without use of the internet. So I have a question, probably for dad, what does a meth lab smell like? Yea, I think we have one down the alley from us. No big deal. We usually sleep with the window open and the fan blowing in from the window since we don't have air conditioning, but sometimes right around three in the morning this scent comes in that is worse than anything else you have ever smelled in your life, so bad it wakes us up and we can't go back to sleep until we've closed the window and the scent goes away. But yea, nasty scent that only comes right in the middle of the night, I said to myself, "what could this be?" and that was my conclusion, but I don't know what a meth lab smells like so I can't say for sure.

Maybe that is why the cockroaches are so crazy here, they're on meth haha. I once saw a cockroach crawling around in the microwave while it was on. On that day I surrendered to the will of the cockroaches and knew there was nothing I could do to stop them if they can survive inside a microwave that's on. We basically feel like we are in an action movie out here in East L.A. You probably already know this about me...... but... I love the excitement. So glad I didn't get called to some safe little country town :D

But ANYWAYS BACK TO THE STUFF THAT MATTERS!!!! THIS WEEK WAS AWESOME!!!!! First off..... our mission is going to be the pilot mission for ALL THE NEW STUFF!!! So, within the next two weeks, they are getting rid of ALL the cars in the mission. And then probably in October or November we are all getting ipads. But yea, NO MORE CARS!!! I'm SO HAPPY!!! I LOVE RIDING THE BUS! [from Marie's mom:  Marie HATES busses.  This has been a conversation in our house MANY times.  I guess that has changed!]  You get to talk to so many cool people. Me and my companion had already started riding the bus every now and again because we heard rumors this was coming. Oh, this also means... I need a bike. President told us all that if we don't have a bike here we should email our parents this week and tell them to buy us one and have it sent here. Soooooooo yea. I have the money, but I don't really have time to go buy a bike. So mom, you have access to my bank account right? Just buy me a bike and then take the amount of money that it cost from my account and put it in yours. Preferably one of the ones that doesn't have that top bar, I think they are called cruiser bikes, because with that top bar it is really hard to get on and off with a skirt on. We have ridden the elders bikes a couple times and we always end up flashing everyone because of that bar haha. 

SO LETS TALK ABOUT BUSSES!!!!!!! This week was Hermana Durans birthday, and on her birthday we decided to ride the bus for the first time because we had time to get lost. So we got on the bus and got totally lost accidentally and got off right before we left the mission. So we are somewhere we have absolutely no idea where is at this bus stop... AND GUESS WHO WAS THERE??!!!!! MIGUEL!!! Well, he had been avoiding us for like 2 weeks now. And so, we came up to him and we were like "what are the chances that we would both be at this random bus stop in the middle of nowhere? I guess this is a sign that you should keep reading the book of mormon". Haha. It was awesome. He just kind of changed the subject but it probably got him to read some more. I love busses, we talked to SO MANY COOL PEOPLE. So much better than sitting in a car not talking to anyone.

And also, we have this girl Myrna, and teaching her has been an interesting experience. She is awesome. But the thing is she never goes to our ward, she drives two and a half hours and goes to her parents house most weekends and goes to church there. But everyone was telling us she couldn't be baptized into our ward unless she had been going to our ward, but this girl REALLY wants to get baptized. And so she told the other day that this Saturday the 7th, her dad is coming down here to baptize her and she is getting baptized no matter what. And we were like "okay. that sounds great to us! We are not going to stop you!" haha. It was awesome. So we told the zone leaders that if they want to they can stop her but we aren't going to stop her just because she doesn't attend our ward. So yea, she is getting baptized this Saturday! She is so funny. Everytime we teach her something and she has a doubt about it she gives us this look as if she is being defiant and says "well I don't know about this, I am going to have to pray about this girls" and we are like "Thank you, finally an investigator who prays about it!" Haha. She is the best. 

We also have another lady getting baptized this week named Gabby. She has cancer and that has pushed her to really investigate these things I guess. And she is really awesome, she's the kind of person who doesn't need to know everything but in general it all feels good so she accepts it and wanted to get baptized after her first lesson. 

And I am starting the dance class this Wednesday! I am excited, we are inviting all our investigators who have girls and all of the young women too!.

But anyways, IT HAS BEEN AN AWESOME WEEK!!!!! Me and Hermana Duran are super excited to change to buses! DOWN WITH THE CARS! And I guess ipads will be cool too ;). 

Also could you give me Shayne's address?

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