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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The beginning of the end

Well, this will be my last week in chino! Unless president becerra
receives some last minute revelation to leave me here, but my district
and zone leaders have already told me I am leaving. I love chino but
WHHOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO! After six months here I am pretty excited for
a change. Exploration is calling!

As for this week, we found a pretty awesome family to teach. The
little girl, Jennifer, talked to us on the street like 2 months ago
and she had said that when she used to go to her uncle's house in
Mexico he had one of our books (Book of Mormon) and that she had loved
to read it, so we gave her a Book of Mormon. She is like 10. Well, we
didn't really think too much of it until a couple weeks ago we ran
into her again, and she told us that her and her mom read it together.
We were like.... "Wwwwhhhaaaaatttt?" So, we started trying to find a
time to teach her and her mom, but her mom works in the evenings and
she is in school during the day so it was really hard. A couple days
later she got out her Book of Mormon to show us and she has her name
written all over the sides of the pages to claim it as her Book of
Mormon. What a precious ten year old, and spiritually sensitive. Very
abnormal for a ten year old to be that into reading the scriptures.
One night we stopped by though and her older sister Monse was home
(who is in her late 20s ish and is a young mom herself) and so we
taught Monse, Jenny, and Monse's husband plus like ten of the
neighborhood kids who all love us and swarmed in. Well it was kind of
a chaotic lesson with little babies screaming and kids running in and
out of the apartment, but Monse committed to pray about what we had
taught and ask if it is true. So the next day we came back, and asked
her if she had done it and she was like "yea, and I felt so much
peace, I slept so well that night, and I just felt peaceful my whole
day at work today so I believe it is all true". It was pretty cool.
This family is super special. It's amazing how by those small and
simple things great things can come to pass. That little ten year old
girl who is so sensitive to the spirit is probably going to be the
means to get this whole family to the gospel and a lot of the
neighborhood too. Because every time we are there we are swarmed with
neighborhood children and oftentimes have to teach a quick lesson to a
hoard of Jenny's friends outside.

And yes, my mission president was called as an area authority. What a
spiritual giant. Wouldn't surprise me at all if he is the prophet one

Many powerful testimonies were given this last weekend, and I would
just like to add mine to them. I know that Christ came to this earth
and payed for all our sins. I know that the only way to true happiness
is through ordinances such as baptism and the sacrament that allow for
us to be washed clean through the atoning blood of Jesus Christ.
Without these ordinances none of us can live in the presence of god or
our families forever. And I know that the authority to act in the name
of Jesus Christ to perform those cleansing miracles is only found in
one place, and that is in His church, built upon the foundation He
established, the rock of revelation through prophets, apostles, and
the ability each of us have to receive personal witnesses and
revelations from god. It is the only way back to him. If we do not
share it, we do not love the people around us enough to want to un-
trap them from the personal state of apostasy in which they are in.
The state trapped from sin and lacking the true cleansing power of the
atonement that is made manifest through ordinances performed by His
authority. There is no other way back. So let's share the gospel. Let
us take Elder Ballard's challenge from conference and invite someone to
listen to the missionaries at least 4 times a year so they too can
receive the ordinances of salvation. "Shall we not go on in so great a

Hermana bardsley

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