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Sunday, November 24, 2013


Hey guess what. WE FOUND OUR FAMILY TO TEACH!!!! And they are soooooooo awesome. There is this new rule in the mission that we have to have a quality gospel conversation with someone within ten minutes of leaving the apartment, so we have to talk to someone before we just get on our bikes to go somewhere. So one morning we walked out of the apartment and I just walked up to the first and only guy I saw outside and started talking to him. Well him and his whole family are super catholic, BUT his best friend was catholic and having a rough time in life and doing some not so good things then converted to our church and completely turned his life around and that of his whole family. So he loves mormons and missionaries and everything and KNOWS that it changes lives. So he told us that anytime we saw the big white van outside (he lives in the same apartment complex as us so it is pretty easy to check) it means they are home and that we can stop by and meet his family.
Well, a couple days later we did, and the family immediately just like fell in love with us. They invited us back the next day to eat tamales with them. It is a family of six, the mom and dad and then four daughters ages 21, 19, 11 and 8 and they already read the bible together as a family and pray together as a family. The favorite thing of the entire family to talk about is how awesome the dad's friend's family who is mormon is. It is like we don't even need to bring a member to our lessons because they are testifying to themselves about how awesome the gospel is. And we haven't been able to teach like a whole lesson yet, but we talked a little bit about prophets and how we have prophets today and she was like, "yeah I mean you need someone in every day and age to guide the people specifically of that age". And we were just like.............. WHERE DO PEOPLE LIKE THIS COME FROM???!!!! They are sooooooooooo AMAZING. And good people. And ready. I know when we teach the message of the restoration of prophets and that authority to do miracles and truly baptize in the name of Christ they are going to KNOW it's true. That'll happen on Thursday. We are SUUPPPEEER excited.
There is a lady about 10 feet away from us at the library right now, who every time I whisper something to my companion looks at us and rolls her eyes and gives us a look of death and groans haha. I think it makes her upset that we are happy and she is not. Maybe we will try to share the gospel with her haha. Some people are just so miserable. If only they knew what they were missing.
Well, my friends, the gospel is true. Please put fluffy socks in that package as well. My feet die every morning during studies. I love fluffy socks, and the gospel of Jesus Christ. They both make you feel warm and fuzzy. That's my message for the day.
Hermana Bardsley

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