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Monday, November 25, 2013

CHINO WEEK 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dearest family and amigos,
This week was.... AWESOME!!!! We have just been finding families to teach like NOBODYS BUSINESS! And they are all just like really good families. We are so excited.
So, funny story though, like half the people we bus contact who are guys actually just want to date us. Even the old men. And so there was this one old guy named Lynn, who we had seen and talked to several times on the bus and he was like really interested, he went on to the website and researched the church and he even watches music and the spoken word. He is just this sweet old guy. He is 70 by the way. And he wanted us to come teach him more, and so we were like "okay", only thing was he lives slightly out of our area. But he didn't want the elders from that area to come teach him because he hadn't met them. So what we did was we set up an appointment and just brought the elders without telling him so that he could meet them and be comfortable with them. But ANYWAYS all four of us walk into his house and he turns on this like weird music that sounded like it was supposed to be like seductive or something haha. Obviously, I asked him to turn it off so that we could have the spirit there haha. So then the lesson goes on and he keeps bringing up how most old people think they can't do all the things young people do, but he feels like he's just getting younger and younger and he's ready to start dating again. And then he said "it's interesting how when you are young, you look to the older people, but when you are old, you look to the younger people". And me and Hermana Connelly were basically sitting there trying to hold back guffaws of laughter the entire lesson. Thank goodness we had the elders there. Not that he is dangerous or anything, he really is a sweet old guy, but yea... we definitely do not, "look to the old people" in that way haha. He is actually interested in the gospel though. He was totally fine and excited about the elders stopping by and teaching him now that he has actually met them. But situations like this happen to us quite frequently haha. In East LA people used to stop me on the street to tell me I have pretty eyes just because they are blue, and they are so unused to blue eyes haha. I even got proposed to once at a bus stop in East LA hahahaha.
Oh, so that family, Jorge and Sonya and kids. They are just SO AWESOME. I mean right now they still think they are super catholic. But they all committed to read the restoration pamphlet and pray about it. And they actually will. Because they are just the most sincere kind people ever. And we see them like every day since they live right next to them so we remind them like every day haha. It is so funny though because Jorge basically bares his testimony of our church to every person that is around him when we are there. Yesterday we were talking to him out in the street with his cousin, so he started telling his cousin how good people mormons are and how he loves what we do so much and how his friend converted and changed his life haha. They are the best. Pray for them though because they are having trouble understanding the whole authority being restored thing.
The gospel blesses families. And it is the best. If there's one thing that touches peoples hearts it is a sincere testimony of how the gospel has blessed the life of my own family and how it can help theirs.
Things here in Chino are picking up! Tell Sister Smith, and Rigtrup, and Cossette THANK YOU for the post cards. I think I am going to write Cossette back but it may take me a whiiiiiiiile to get around to it.
The GOSPEL IS TRUE!!!!! Love it, live it, SHARE IT!
Hermana Bardsley

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