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Sunday, November 24, 2013

CHINO WEEK 2!!!!!!! Internet proselyting....what?!

Well, it's official, facebook has hit the Arcadia, CA, mission. Not quite sure how I feel about that. I was kind of trying to escape that for a year and a half. They are starting with the leaders. So, lucky me, my companion is a sister trainer so I have to go to the library and sit there for an hour everyday while she goes on facebook. It's so weird. But in January we are all getting ipads so everyone in the mission will be on facebook by then. Probably in the next few weeks they will let the rest of us on to clean up our facebooks and stuff to prepare. So just don't be surprised when there is evidence of me being on there. I PROMISE I'M AN OBEDIENT MISSIONARY!!!! :D
As for Chino this week, IT WAS AWESOME! Things are really starting to pick up. We have found some new investigators, and families too which supeeeeeeeer great. There is one family of 8 that we started teaching last night. And they are really really ready and awesome too. They are the Ramos familyIt is really just amazing how prayer works. Because since I got here pretty much the only thing we have been praying for is finding families, and now families have been the only things we have been finding really. We have also been riding the busses around and contacting like crazy. We give out a referral usually to the English elders almost everyday.  It's good fun. We are loving it. Hermana Connelly is a really good missionary and we make a really good team. It is amazing how the spirit really does just direct you. Like you just get into a house that you hadn't planned for at all and me and her are just on the exact same page and start teaching the exact same thing. IT IS CRAZY! mind blowing. I don't know how normal people get through life without the holy ghost. This gospel really is to bless people in this life as well as the next
Something I read this morning in preach my gospel that was a quote by Joseph Smith was that "you cannot obtain salvation without personal revelation". I thought that was pretty cool. It's so true, and it is what makes this church so different and so true. We believe in a living God who is literally guiding us today, and without whom we cannot stay on the right path.
Also I hit a trash can on my bike. Yep. That pretty much sums up the week. My legs are getting super buff and stuff though.
I'm emailing you guys today instead of yesterday because the library was closed yesterday because of Veterans day, so we get to do our emails and stuff today. And mama I looove the bacpack! It is super cute. I hope you didn't spend too much money on it, but I do like it. And as far as the scarves and stuff, I'm not really sure where they are all at, if you can't find them it's okay, I have a few and I can buy stuff down here. Somewhere there there should be a bin of all my winter stuff. Also mama, the best christmas stuff you could get me is if you get me more skirts haha. I have this problem where no matter how hard I try to be clean, SOMETHING always stains me... I don't really have enough wearable clothes to get through an entire week anymore haha. One time I was eating a cheeseburger at a restaurant and I was trying super hard to be clean, and really, I was as far as I could tell. But then I looked down and the paper in the basket that they had given me the cheeseburger in was like not pushed all the way into the basket and was angled down kind of in a funnel shape. So the whole time I had been eating nicely over the basket and my cheeseburger had been dripping grease into the basket and the paper funnelled it all right into my lap. There was literally a 6" by 6" puddle of grease on my lap when I looked down. And that's how I ruined my favorite skirt.... But it is like a curse, because always these things happen that aren't even related to necessarily ME eating messily that stain my clothes! So.... I don't know, the brand of that one was vince camuto I think, and it was that blue kind of pencil skirt made out of a stretchy material. It was one of the ones I found by googling "skirts past your knees". I remember there were lots of colors, black, blue, black and white striped, and honestly if you could find it I wouldn't mind having like all of them. Because it was really my best skirt. Perfect length, good looking, and it even was stretchy enough that it worked pretty well for biking. Oh. Also, one of these days, could you possibly send me a family picture haha? And also maybe one or two of me dancing so I can show people what I did.
As for Christmas stuff for other people, both hermana Lopezita (my first hermana lopez companion) and hermana Duran's moms have both sent me little stuff. Like Lopezita's mom sent me a pen from Guatemala that had cool little native weaving around it and stuff. So maybe if you sent me some little things like that for them, thatd be cool. Lopezita does a whole bunch of scrapbooking, so maybe some cool stickers or something. And Duran loves... well... poptarts haha. You don't have to get her poptarts. I just can't think of anything else that I would get her haha. But whatever you want. They are not going to be like offended if I don't give them anything, but it would be nice to. Maybe if you wrote a letter to the family of Elder Paige that'd be cool. You would probably have to call the mission office for their address, but now she is a widow who has also just lost her oldest kid, so this christmas is probably going to be pretty hard for them. I think I am going to try to do that too.
I am glad Terri is doing better. Tell her hello and that I am excited to see her little baby.
And Dad, take good care of my kitty please. Don't let her mess around too much with those racoons. She could probably take one of them, but three? I'm not sure about that.
Thank Grandma and grandpa and sister argyle for me! I wish I had time to write all of them thank you letters. I am still like a month behind in answering people who have written me, so hopefully one day.
prayer works, God loves us, and have a great week
Hermana Bardsley

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