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Monday, July 1, 2013

June 24th, Two Thousand and Thirteen

So I did email you guys last monday, but I didn't know that it hadn't gotten to you guys for whatever reason until today when I checked my email and I had a "delivery status notification failure" email. So here's my email copied and pasted from last week: 

I am with everyone from the fast track for spanish. And they are not ALL 18, just most of them haha ;). And yea we always teach Claudio when we have class with hermano Ramsey. We are giving him our last lesson today. Half of our district headed out early this morning (like 3am), and the other half including me heads out tomorrow morning in the range of 2:30am to 4:30am. I have to report to the travel office at 4:30am tomorrow morning. yuck. 
And yea I was at the broadcast! The entire MTC was. Everyone that they showed on the cameras the entire time were missionaries. The other people were sitting in front of the pulpit and they never showed any of them on the camera sweeps. It was a pretty big deal. They gave us all a super strict dress code and checked our outfits beforehand. Besides the choir (which is over half the MTC haha) we all had to wear dark solid colors, no patterns or jewelery that also met a whole bunch of other guidelines. Also something thats pretty cool is the entire quorom of the twelve minus one, the entire first presidency, and the prophet have been at the MTC the entire weekend for the Mission President training seminar. I didn't see any of them except at the broadcast but...... THEY WERE HERE!!! We all felt the effects of it because we've all had to eat sack lunches for every meal for the past 4 days because they have the whole lunch room and area surrounding blocked off and guarded and stuff because of the mission president seminar there and all the prophet and apostles being there and stuff.
Anywho.... guess who I ran into this week??!!!! SIR ADAM LEE!!!!!!!! TOTALLY WAS THE BEST THING EVER. He was setting up chairs at the chapel over by wyview where we had a seminar. I took a picture with him. Someday i'll get around to sending it. Also this morning I ran into Durban's roommate in the temple, so that was really exciting. He was one of my best friends in the ward. I also ran into one of the physical science teachers haha, we were in the same session in the temple this morning. It's weird seeing someone you know is a black hole physicist in the temple haha.
Oh so did I mention last week that like every girl in my district is in love with our teachers? It's pretty funny. How attractive they are definitely keeps us awake in class haha. So, really, it's a good thing. One of the girls, hermana Tapia, took hermano ramsey's pen so that after her mission she will have to find him and return it to him. And probably trade it for a ring. Haha. I don't know though because Hermano Ramsey is roommates and best friends with one of my friends from my study abroad, so I got the ins ;). Even though... I'm not actually interested in him like that haha, but still haha.
OH ALSO!!! THANKS FOR ALL THE LETTERS AND PACKAGES MOM!!!!!!! I felt so popular. The Mexican candy is awesome. I also got a package of homemade cookies from Sydnee which was AWESOME!!! my district and i just finished them off last night at our "district award night". My award was "most passionate and most likely to find Atlantis" haha. 
So anyways, SPIRITUAL TIME!!!! THE GOSPEL IS TRUE!!!! Guys, I am so excited to change real people's lives starting in ONE DAY! The atonement is real. Don't ever doubt it. Missionary work is awesome. Invite everyone to come unto Christ. Be member missionaries. I'm not in the field yet, but I can already tell that that way is SO MUCH more effective in general than the whole knocking on doors thing. Oh and the whole "we can use facebook" thing? We thought there was going to be some big announcement about missionary work, but we already knew that. The missionaries in Salt Lake already use ipads and facebook and stuff. But anyways, I'm not sure if I said this last week, but seriously, what other organization besides a true one could get thousands of teenagers to pay thousands of dollars to go out and spend two years just trying to help other people be happy. Anyone who doubts the church and missionary work just needs to realize that. Because I have not met a single missionary yet who is not out here because of there love and desire to help other people. It is inspiring.
Oh and for my plack you can put, "To love another person is to see the face of God". Thanks for the Les Mis idea dad ;) haha.
Well, this is it from the MTC! Cheers my fam. Its been awesome. I've learned a ton. My district is awesome. Each one of them has something mind blowingly awesome to share with the world
Keep it real,
Hermana Bardsley

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