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Sunday, July 14, 2013

July 9, 2013

Hey guys  guess what??!! MIRACLES DO HAPPEN. Do you know why?! I actually love going to Church. WHEN HAS THAT EVER HAPPENED??!! And we have to go to 5 hours of church because we are over two wards too. But man, church is the best, especially sacrament meeting. Taking the sacrament is awesome. I just want to let e'erybody out there know, that if you ever want to receive inspiration, repent, use the atonement, and then take the sacrament. IT IS THE BEST. GUYS, Jesus died for our sins so that we can be clean! But seriously, that is when I receive like all my inspiration and answers to my prayers.

So this week our 10 year old investigator with the baptismal date whose the son of the amazing woman who can't get baptized yet because she needs to divorce her long lost husband in Mexico, had a very sad moment. His bunny died. And yea, that is kind of funny, but he was super sad. It was his first pet. Well, anyways, I have been gettin pretty killa at drawing but really the only thing I draw is the pictures on the front of the pamphlets because I don't have anything else to draw. A bunch of kids ask for my drawings but I only give them to them if they go to church haha. So anyways the picture on the front of the restoration pamphlet is Jesus holding a little lamb, and so I drew that for him only I put a bunny in his arms instead of the lamb. And we wrote some comforting scriptures on it and told him that we know that Jesus and God love him and his bunny, and he started crying and gave me a big hug. It was really cute. 

So this week was pretty traumatic... WE LOST OUR THIRDSOME!!!! It was so sad... Hermana Hazelton didn't even get her visa to Peru yet, but one of the English sisters had to go home and so they stole Hermana Hazelton Thursday morning to be in an English ward. It has been rough, now we have to have just as much faith with only two people instead of three to make miracles! She was super sad that she had to leave us, we were the dream team. Oh and she loved the Vocal Point CD a ton, she would just listen to it over and over again, so I gave that to her. The only thing is I also loved that CD. So maybe for my birthday you could get me a new one. I think it was titled "Lead Thou Me On". Also on that note, if any of you have desires growing within you to join an accapella group, do it. And then sing the version of Nearer My God to Thee that is on that CD. It is quite possibly THE MOST LEGIT accapella version of anything I have ever heard. It was our get pumped song. Until I gave the CD away. 

But anyways, besides that this week has been pretty swell! We had this one day that just had like WAY TOO MANY MIRACLES FOR ONE DAY. We taught 7 lessons that day. The coolest thing was we went to the local community college to their "free speech" area to do some contacting and we ended up teaching the whole plan of salvation to this girl who was sitting eating lunch and we have a return appointment with her. AND THEN, these boys came up to us and asked us if we wanted to join their bible study group. So we did. We gave them all cards, one of them wanted a BOM [Book of Mormon] so we gave him one and he was just intently reading it for the rest of the bible study. And then that night one of the girls we had given a card actually texted us about some family history stuff! They all had a bunch of questions too but we said we would tell them next time haha so they invited us back and we are going next week! 

Oh and did I mention we are over two wards? We are also over the YSA [Young Single Adult] ward Los Robles. So that is kind of stressful because there is just so much we are supposed to do and are area covers the whole stake [like a diocese] for Los Robles so we spend a lot of time driving around the city which is unfortunate.

And dad, our whole stake is technically Spanish. But as far as teaching goes it is about half spanish half english. Usually the Los Robles people prefer English because they are young and most of them grew up here, so even though they speak Spanish they prefer English. A lot of the time it ends up being spanglish teaching it is pretty funny. Like in Sunday school yesterday half the people had english scriptures and half had spanish and we were reading a chapter so like every other verse was in spanish and every other in english. haha. It is funny though because nobody knows what to do with me because I already speak spanish... Like in the 12 week new missionary training thing we are supposed to have an hour of language study every morning... but... like... my trainer doesn't know if we should follow that just to be obedient or like... not and have time to do more missionary work...

Oh did I mention to you guys yet that all mail just goes to the mission home and then our zone leaders pick it up and give it to us? So yea, just send it to the Duarte one you already have.

But yea, the mission is the best, I am so happy out here guys! I need to talk to president and ask him if I can extend it... I already feel like I am running out of time...


Hermana Bardsley

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