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Monday, July 1, 2013

1st of July, Two Thousand and Thirteen

THIS FIRST WEEK HAS BEEN AWESOMEEE!!!! So I am in a trio, it is me, hermana hazelton, and our trainer hermana duran and we are in the Montebello ward. Hermana Hazelton is just waiting for her visa to Peru and has been here for six weeks. This area has not been doing super hot and so hermana hazelton was a little discouraged about the area because she has been here for the past six weeks since she came from the MTC and I think her prior companions may have just not been focusing on the right things so they weren't having a ton of success. They were good people and not doing anything wrong, they just needed a blast of energy I think. But, this last week we have worked miracles guys! The thing is, you can't let anyone tell you what your mission is going to be. All of us were sent to where we were sent because there are people here prepared to receive the gospel, and so if you come in determined to teach a ton, you can do it. No matter where you are, it just depends on your attitude. There are people EVERYWHERE. And well, I am here to bring people unto Christ. And if you are working hard and obedient and just have a great attitude, it's possible anywhere.

But so yea, both my companions think I'm crazy, because I LOVE CONTACTING. I LOVE KNOCKING ON DOORS AND TALKING TO PEOPLE IN THE STREETS. It is my favorite thing. The first day I got here we had like half hour of time before we had to be home and they were just getting in the car to go home and I was like, why don't we just knock on some doors? And both of them looked at me like I was crazy. And they said, "we don't do that, we only knock with a name". Literally neither of them had like EVER just knocked doors. I was like.... WHAAATTT??? Honestly I just wanted to feel like a legit missionary because every legit missionary story always involves knocking doors, and so I was like well right now we don't have almost any investigators... so we have to find new ones somehow! So we knocked some doors! And it was awesome. We found a guy. And yea now we talk to everyone and we have found SO MANY PEOPLE because of it. But both my companions are like "I have never talked to this many people in my life". Sometimes I'll just be like, "guys, stop the car, I want to talk to that person" haha.

We also had an AMAZING experience with a family this last week. The daughter who is 24 I believe was baptized like 2 months ago, and the mom is completely ready to get baptized as well. She goes to church every week, the only thing holding her back is that she can't until she gets a divorce with this guy she hasn't talked to or seen in 23 years. So they've talked to a lawyer and stuff and it's going to take at least 7 months. Which kind of sucks. But she also has two sons, one is 10 and the other is 17. Neither of the sons were particularly interested, but on Thursday we went over and talked just to the 10 year old, Arath. Anyways, everything was going really well, and he was commenting on how good he felt and stuff. And so at the end we committed him to be baptized. Then he was like "I want my brother to hear what you guys are talking about". So he went upstairs and got his 17 year brother who really could care less about the church. And then we asked him to give the closing prayer, and by the end he was sobbing. And he said that he just felt so happy inside and that he was so proud of himself for saying his first prayer. And then, (this is the best part), we asked if him if there was anyone else he knew who he would like us to share this message with. And he said (with his brother sitting right there), "I just really want my brother Kevin to also feel this happiness that I feel inside right now, I want him to have it too" amidst sobbing. What a special ten year old. Way to be an example. 

But yea, we have seen so many miracles this week. It's amazing. You just have to have faith that they will happen and they do. So have faith guys. I have loved every day so far. Even when we don't get into a single person's house to teach, because we still have good conversations with people every day whether it is on the street or in a house, and because of that they are one step closer.

Oh, but yes  mom, it is really really quite hot. Haha. And we don't have air conditioning in our apartment, so no I can't really sleep well yet haha. I slept well one night, and it was great. The rest I haven't really. But that's life. haha. Soon I'll just get so tired that I'll be able to sleep no matter what. My companions say they don't want to see me when I get enough sleep because I already have so much energy haha. 

Oh and also, Lily Rybarczyk wrote me! The first day I got to Arcadia I had a star wars post card from her, so that was AWESOME! totally made my day. That's all.



Hermana Bardsley

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