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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Chino Week 6!!!!!!!

So, we have a new family. And they are AWESOME. Their name is the Zuniga family. It is the dad (Jose), mom (Manuela), 11 year old (Marcos), 4 year old (Jenna-leigh) and baby (Leonardo). They are just like super shy and cute but good people. We started teaching them a week and a half ago, and this lesson we taught the Book of Mormon and committed them to read the first chapter. Well, we had an appointment two days later, and we came but the wife wasn't there so we couldn't come in. So we were talking to Jose at the doorstep and we were like, "so did you get a chance to read the first chapter?" "yes", "cool! did you pray about it?" "yes, I think it's true", even cooler, "well then, how about for when we come back again you read the second chapter?" "I've already read more than that" EVEN COOLER! People are so funny, it was almost like he was embarrassed that he just kept reading and prayed and thinks it's true, but he is just so shy. So yea, they are awesome. We are super excited for them. The kids are SOOOOOO cute, and just nice and good. They live in the sketchiest part of our area. Our area is HUGE by the way, I don't know if I ever mentioned that. But we cover parts of 5 cities over here. They live over in Pomona, which is where all the race shootings have been happening. And also we were over there in their neighborhood one night and it was like 7:50 and we were talking to this lady outside and she was like "you guys have to go now, it's almost eight, at eight everyone goes inside their houses because that's when bad stuff happens. They kill people and throw them in the dumpsters right there." We were like.... "oh okay, I think we will definitely be going now in that case" haha. But, as is usually the case, that small super sketchy pocket is also where the most interested people are because they need the gospel the most, so like half our work right now is in this 2 block by 2 block super sketchy bubble in Pomona.
Besides that, transfers were today. I'm still in Chino, but I have a new companion, her name is Hermana Stohlton, she is from Utah. I am really excited to be with her, I think it will be an awesome companionship.  She is really sweet and more quiet, but gets what needs to get done done. And that's how it was with Hermana Duran as well, which was the best combination as far as missionary work goes that I've had. Because I am not sweet, or quiet, and so with Hermana Duran it made this perfect balance. I would break their legs and she would give them a cast and some painkillers, and it just worked really really well and we taught awesomely together. So I think it will be similar with Hermana Stohlton which I am super excited for. I need someone to do the whole "be nice and loving" part haha :D.
Hmm, well, I don't know what else to say. Things are going well here in Chino. Miracles are happening every day. The gospel is true. Christ really did come to this earth to pay for our sins. And..... people here are really into doing extremely elaborate christmas lights. Like way over the top. Latins like to decorate. And since here in Chino isn't so poor they have enough money to buy christmas lights. But like... Too much. It like hurts your eyes. Either a house has nothing or it gives you a seizure, there's no happy medium. That's all. Have a good week. Thanks for the packages. If you see Anders Bostrom tell him that the carrot joke is famous mission-wide. There may appear on youtube one day a video of me telling it to the entire singles ward back in Los Robles some day. I'm telling it at the christmas party this friday haha :D
Hermana Bardsley

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