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Tuesday, August 6, 2013


First off, did you guys remember to celebrate my cat's birthday? It
was the 24th, I forgot to remind you guys last week. Please give her
some tuna and sing "What Child is This" to her.

So MAN CAN I just tell you guys how many miracles we see?? You just
have to have faith that they will happen, and they start happening
everywhere. One of the coolest things is when the spirit teaches
people and they say something that they haven't even been taught yet,
and it is like WOW, there is NO WAY you could have known that except
by the spirit telling you. My companions are so awesome. Hermana Lopez
has the strongest testimony of the Book of Mormon and Christ coming to
the Americas. She says she can feel that it was her ancestors that he
visited. Those Mayans, they have a special kind of connection with
their ancestors that I don't really feel as a white person haha. But
yea! The book of mormon is SO TRUE guys. Christ REALLY did visit the
people in the Americas and he really did die for EVERYONE in the
world's pains, sicknesses, and sins.

Also, at some point sort of soon could you guys print out and send me
a chart of "port de bras", I think that is how it is spelled. It is
the arm positions for ballet. I might get to teach a dance class!! It
was our mission president's idea. We had our interviews and the first
thing he said to me was how he had this idea that I could teach a
dance class for girls and have other missionaries talk to the parents
as a finding investigators activity. HOW COOL WOULD THAT
BE???!!!!!!!!!!! I dream about dancing almost every night, and my
kitty cat. I often wake up and am in a weird position because I think
she is sleeping in the middle of my bed and then she is not there.

OH SO HERE IS AN AWESOME STORY!!!!!! We are teaching this young girl,
Rachel, who is 8, and she has been ready to get baptized for a while,
but the dad is this very inactive guy who doesn't always bring her to
church and so she hasn't been able to. But he loves his daughter so
much and does want her to get baptized. I think I told you about them.
But anyways this last week he committed to do what he needs to do to
be able to baptize her on Aug. 25th!!!!!!! Which is SUPER exciting. He
has had some word of wisdom problems but he committed to live the word
of wisdom. Aug 25th is going to be the best day EVER!!!!! We have two
baptisms scheduled for that day.

Oh for all you Argentines/wanna be Argentines, the only Argentine I
have met down here is crazy. Actually. haha. He was baptized as a kid
and so he desperately wants to get ex-communicated so that he can take
the discussions and get rebaptized. Only an Argentine. I guess maybe
we should explain to him what the sacrament is haha.

Well, I'm still loving it out here! Have fun at the family reunion.
And at girls camp. Don't forget to give my cat tuna.

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